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National Donut Day.

Updated on June 8, 2019
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I'm going to high school next year and I think that says enough about me

National Doughnut Day:

I consider National donut day as one of the most joyous holiday in the United States as it has an interesting story. So today I'll tell you a few quick bullet facts about National Donut Day.

National Doughnut Day History:

National Doughnut Day started in 1938 as a fundraiser for Chicago’s salvation army, Their main goal was to help others get through the Great Depression and to honor the people who served donut for the soldiers.Which I consider to be a very heroic thing for the volunteers to consider the soldiers comfort and not just cheapen it to save money.

When The US entered the World war 1 in 1917, The Salvation Army sent a fact-finding mission to France and, Luckily for the soldiers which allowed US soldiers to be served baked goods and sweets in what they called huts which typically had six employes and four of them were woman.

About 250 volunteers came forward and because of the difficulty in providing baked goods from the huts which were in abandoned apartments two soldiers decided to bake donuts.

After incorporating the donut the huts became very busy and the woman were given a new nickname ‘donut girls’ which while very generic is quite accurate.

National Donut Day in modern times:

In Chicago and other cities, National Doughnut Day is still a fundraiser for The Salvation Army.In 2017 many companies joined the fund raiser to give free donuts.

The idea is a great one and it subtly reminds us of the history of US citizens and volunteers in helping American soldiers.

If you haven’t done so yet I would suggest going to any donut store to get free donuts.

Fun facts about National Donuts:

1.More than 10 billion donuts are made in the US alone, Which believe me is a huge number.

2.Donuts were brought from the Dutch to the US.

3.In France the donut is called “pets de nonne” which translated means nun farts, and that's why I now live in France.

4.Very weird flavors are made like seaweed, Like imagine eating seaweed flavored donuts,Yes absolutely awesome.

5.Boston has the most donut shops in the US, Well that's cool I guess?

6.The 'first donut girl' is considered to be Lt. Colonel Helen Purveyance.

7.Donut is just the shortened word for doughnut. The spelling of both words is correct, and National Donut Day is also spelled National Doughnut Day depending on who writes it.

8.The 'lassies' that volunteered with the Salvation Army during World War I also distributed home cooked meals, writing paper, envelopes, stamps, writing instruments to the soldiers. They also mended clothing when needed, Those solidos were very lucky.

Conclusion to National Donut Day:

While it may not be the best holiday it certainly will always be regarded fondly for me as I can get free donuts, I hope I've helped you in sharing some facts.

Do you like donut day.

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