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National Goof Off Day - March 22

Updated on October 15, 2014
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Rebecca Graf is a seasoned writer with nearly a decade of experience and degrees in accounting, history, and creative writing.

March 22nd is National Goof Off Day. Now, it probably is not endorsed by the United Nations or recognized on most calendars. Nonetheless, you can still celebrate National Goof Off Day and snub your nose at all those who will not participate with you.

You don’t have to skip work or school to celebrate such a momentous day. Though those ideas sound pretty darn good personally, but goofing off can be done anywhere and anytime. Ask your kids. They are experts at it. In a sense, this is a day for adults to act like kids once again. Time for fun!

Ways to Celebrate National Goof Off Day

#1 – Wear Different Colored Socks

Remember you are goofing off. Plus, by wearing different colored socks you will confuse people. Seeing the looks on their faces is well worth the odd dress code. If you typically wear different colored socks, try wearing ones that match. That will really throw people off.

#2 – Send the Rubber Bands Flying

Make sure you have a good stack of rubber bands and launch them over the walls of the cubicles, around doors, and down hallways. Don’t hurt anyone!!!!!! Aim away from the face and vital organs. Raining rubber bands will have you all in stitches.

#3 – Cruise the Internet

This is not really a new suggestion that you have to be told. Nine out of ten employees goof off on the internet throughout their work day. But today you have a reason to in order to celebrate a great day. Enjoy the social sites and the jokes that are shared. Have fun.

#4 – Have a Few Good Laughs

Nothing is as much fun as goofing off while laughing. Tell some jokes. Make fun of movies or signs. Goof off and have a good laugh. Get your side splitting. Make yourself hurt from the amount of laughter you experience.

#5 – Play Tricks on Your Co-Workers, Even the Boss

Don’t go too extreme but have fun at your co-workers expense. Hide their pens. Unplug their lights or computer. Have some fun with your co-workers. Get them laughing and goofing off. You don’t want to do this alone. Shoot! Get your boss involved. Trust me, no one can goof off more than the boss. Get them watching some great scene on Youtube. Start talking about old movies or favorites TV shows. They’ll get right in and totally forget they had to be at a meeting with their own boss.

#6 – Shoot the Breeze

You do it several times a day as it is. Now you can do it all day long. Goof off just by chatting with people. Talk about books, movies, politics, and religion. Okay, maybe not the last two. You’re supposed to be goofing off and not starting a war.

#7 – Find Excuses to Take a Walk

Volunteer to deliver packages, messages, or pick up items. Anything to get you away from your desk! You appear to be working while in reality you are goofing off. Score points and still have fun.

#8 – Do Anything You’re Not Supposed to Do

Goof off means doing something unproductive. No work! You can goof off and pretend to work which is okay but you cannot be seriously putting your nose to the grindstone. That hurts. No pain. No blood. Just goofing off. Please!

#9 – Water Balloon Fights

When was the last time you spent a few hours dropping water balloons on people and then hiding so that someone else could get the blame? It is still as fun as it used to be, but now you have to be a little more conscious of legal ramifications.

#10 – Go to the Park

Remember how much the slide and the swing were? They still are. Take the day and spend it at the park. Take a longer lunch. Goof off by being a kid again.

The Ultimate

Skip work and school. There is so much fun in that! You can goof off all day and feel good about it. Go to a ballgame. Stroll the beach. Watch a movie. Sit outside your workplace or school and make fun of those that are in there ignoring such a great holiday.

Enjoy March 22nd as National Goof Off Day. Be a kid again. Enjoy life. You’ll feel ten years younger by the end of the day. Shoot, enjoy an ice cream cone and don’t count the calories. You’re goofing off.


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    • Daughter Of Maat profile image

      Melissa Flagg COA OSC 5 years ago from Rural Central Florida

      This is awesome! I have an excuse to not do anything tomorrow but play video games with my hubby and daughter. I've needed a day to just goof off. I've been putting my nose to the grindstone so much lately that I don't have much of a nose left!

      Thanks for this awesom hub, voted up and SHARED!