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Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Updated on March 28, 2017

How to Make Your Own Natural Egg Dyes

Children wait all year long for Easter so they can dye some colorful eggs. They love decorating beautifully colored Easter eggs and they also enjoy a good Easter egg hunt. These are age old traditions that have been around a very long time. Chocolate Easter bunnies, jelly beans and baskets full of treats are all part of this Spring holiday. This year, why not make your own natural egg dye instead of buying the pre-made colored dyes you find at the store. Natural dyes are not as bright as the store bought ones, but they are very beautiful.

Natural egg dyes are made from food, plants, and even flowers. The method of dyeing eggs with natural dyes can be a little different than when you use the boxed egg dyes. For some colors you do it the regular dye way...setting the hard boiled egg into the container of dye. But to transfer some colors you actually will boil the egg in the colored water. It's fun and it's easy to make your own dye and it can be a very interesting process. You will find yourself looking at all foods and plants as a source of color for your eggs.

Colorful Dyed Easter Eggs
Colorful Dyed Easter Eggs

Are You Getting Eggcited?

With the dyeing of the eggs while you are boiling them, you put your color base ingredients into a pan of water. Make sure the water is deep enough to completely cover your eggs. Add one teaspoon of Vinegar to get deeper coloring. If you would prefer not to boil your eggs in the dye, set the dye water with the vinegar on the side while you boil your eggs. Then add your already cooked eggs to the dye water and let them sit until they are the color you want them to be.

Use These Natural Ingredients To Dye Your Eggs

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Cherries, Cherry Juice, Or Raspberries For RedViolets For LavenderRaspberries For RedDeep Blue Or Purple Grapes Or Grape Juice For BlueRed Onions For Spinach For GreenBeets Or Beet Juice For Pink
Cherries, Cherry Juice, Or Raspberries For Red
Cherries, Cherry Juice, Or Raspberries For Red
Violets For Lavender
Violets For Lavender
Raspberries For Red
Raspberries For Red
Deep Blue Or Purple Grapes Or Grape Juice For Blue
Deep Blue Or Purple Grapes Or Grape Juice For Blue
Red Onions For
Red Onions For
Spinach For Green
Spinach For Green
Beets Or Beet Juice For Pink
Beets Or Beet Juice For Pink

Natural Dye Color Choices

Making Your Colors

You will need different ingredients for different colored dye. Here are some of the colors you can achieve and how to make them

  • Lavender – Violet blossoms plus 2 teaspoons lemon juice, Red Zinger tea, or a small amount of purple grape juice
  • Violet Blue – Small amount of red onion skins placed in the water while boiling, violet blossoms, hibiscus tea, or red wine
  • Blue – Purple grape juice or canned blueberries added to the water and placed in the refrigerator, red cabbage leaves placed in the water while boiling
  • Green – Spinach leaves boiled with the eggs
  • Yellow – Any of these can be boiled with the eggs: orange or lemon peels, carrot tops, celery seed, ground cumin, or ground turmeric. To get the same color with the cold method, add green or chamomile tea to the water.
  • Orange – Boiled yellow onion skins; cooked carrots, chili powder, and paprika will result in the desired color in the cold method.
  • Brown – Black walnut shells boiled with the eggs, or you can add strong coffee, instant coffee, or black tea to water in the refrigerator.
  • Red – A large amount of red onion skins boiled with the eggs. Using the cold method, add canned cherries in their juice, pomegranate juice, or raspberries.
  • Pink – Use any of the following, added to water and placed in the refrigerator overnight: beets, cranberries or cranberry juice, raspberries, red grape juice, or the juice from pickled beets.

When your eggs are colored just the way you like, remove them from the water and dye mix. Sit them in an egg carton and let them dry. To make your naturally dyed eggs look shiny all you have to do is rub them with some vegetable oil.

Now that you know how easy it is to make your own dye for Easter eggs, do you think you will be buying the store bought dye in the future?

Decorate Your Dyed Eggs

Draw Faces On Your Easter Eggs
Draw Faces On Your Easter Eggs

Add Googly Eyes To Make Some Cute Eggs

Decorate Your Easter Eggs With Googly Eyes
Decorate Your Easter Eggs With Googly Eyes

3 DIY Easter Egg Pins from Pinterest


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