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7 New Job Gift Ideas

Updated on November 20, 2017

Has someone close to you recently just got a brand new job and you want to celebrate with & congratulate them (especially given this current economic climate) by getting them an awesome 'New Job Gift', however are struggling for ideas over exactly what you could get?

Well hopefully some of the gift suggestions I have come up will at least point you in the right direction (bear in mind some of the gifts are more appropriate for men and others for women of course).

#1 A Quality Custom Pen

Perfect for either him or her -- everyone deep down has always wanted a luxury pen and this serves as the perfect opportunity for you buy them one & they will/should thank you eternally. They are usually a little too serious for a birthday or christmas occasion, but upon getting a new job, they are pretty much perfect -- since it will be practical (and help with the job, allowing them to come across more professional than someone working with a biro), not too expensive (for most decent standard-line pens anyway) and can be custom made to be personal too (perhaps have their initials engraved).

#2 New Job 'Survival' Gift Basket

You could approach it from a slightly different perspective too, where instead of your traditional gift basket you could go for the 'job' survival kit in a basket format. So you could have many little items such as a couple of cans of "red bull" to keep them awake, packs of chewing gum to keep their breathe smelling nice, a can of deodorant, paper clips, toothpicks, a shoehorn, notepads, and so on. A funny and more interesting approach to gift giving for their new job.

#3 Office Desk Accessories

Now these can be either practical such as a desk organiser (perhaps coming with a little twist), notepaper roller, clock, personalised calendar, paperweights, integrated calculator bin or something a bit more arty and fancy with little actual use. For instance a levitating globe or the classic newtons cradle balance balls or the cosmos in motion -- alternatively and perhaps more 'for her', plants like a fern, orchids or better still a bonsai tree. Obviously, if they don't have an actual desk with their new job or aren't allowed any add-ons, you will have to move on or try to still work around this base of ideas but you will have to be a bit more imaginative (e.g. a funky lunch box).

# 4 Help Them With Their Mornings

If they haven't been in work for a while, I thoughtful gift and slightly humorous one could be down the coffee route to help them get in the zone and wake them up before going to work. Depending on how generous you are feeling, you could either get them a coffee maker (you can actually get them pretty cheap these days) or you could buy them some exotic coffee. You take an alternative route with this and get them an alternative alarm clock e.g. they have to work out some calculations before the alarm will turn off.

#5 Perhaps a New Book?

You could buy them a career's book to help them out, settle in quickly to their new job and how they can progress quickly to the next stage, some of the best books I have found to be helpful to me:

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • The Start Up of You
  • The Success Principles
  • How Successful People Think
  • Career Distinction: Stand Out By Building Your Brand

You might even be able to find a book that's more specific to their actual job, for instance if they have just taken up a position as an actuary, you could look at getting them the Actuaries' Survival Guide - How to succeed in one of the most desirable professions and so on.

#6 A Watch or Some Jewellery?

If you are prepared to spend big on them, perhaps they are either your son/daughter or wife/husband (partner) and you want to show that you are really proud of them for getting this new job, you might invest in a new watch for them to show up to work in or that of something shiny (usually for her) such as a necklace or earrings. A bit more expensive than some of the other gift ideas on offer, but they will certainly appreciate them a whole lot more that's for sure. Besides, they are much more durable too.

#7 A Brand New Tie or Bag?

If you are really unsure then just go with the standard gifts for both men and women with getting a new job. With the guy just get them a smart tie that can be used at work, try not to be too wacky or in black, something that can actually be used for everyday office work. Then with the lass, perhaps a new messenger bag or general professional looking handbag or a shopping gift card for them to get some new clothes with.


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