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New Year Celebrations In India -How to Spend New Year Eve in India

Updated on December 28, 2011

New Year Celebrations In India

New Year celebrations are very popular nowadays. This is the celebrations for saying farewell to the current year and welcoming the New Year. In India the New Year celebrations are observing with a gaiety of national festival. Everywhere people show great excitement for welcoming New Year.

Since India is a secular state all sorts of people irrespective of their cast creed and religion celebrate the New Year day. The peculiarity that we can observe on this day is that everybody’s tradition, culture and beliefs are only one on this New Year day. This feature we can observe not only in India, but also in all over the world.

Globally the New Year day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and integrity. Since this peculiar day is only once in a year, people show great eagerness to conduct prayers, New Year feasts, dinners, social and cultural activities to commemorate the validity of the day. Children, teenagers and young men celebrate this New Year day with great enthusiasm and happiness.

How to Spend New Years Eve in India

New Years Eve is the occasion that people in India usually celebrate the New Year. On that day people wait for the remarkable fun that they can experience in the last minute of 11.59 P.M. On that day they prefer to spend up to the midnight in restaurants, dinner halls or banquet halls to welcome the very first minute of New Year.

New Year Plans

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New year Celebrations in Hotel and Restaurants

Five star hotels and restaurants arrange special dinners and buffet lunches until mid night to provide convenience to those who come forward to welcome the New Year. After welcoming the very first second of New Year they enjoy by dancing altogether. Five star hotels and restaurants arrange special banquets to boost their enjoyments. Certain teenagers and youngsters arrange various entertainments outside until midnight. They prefer to enjoy with their family members and friends on that occasion.

After welcoming the very first second of New Year they start dancing with New Year songs and New Year slogans. They move towards streets by dancing and singing and this shows that the Indian culture is slanting towards the west.

After the arrival of New Year people exchange New Year greetings with their friends and relatives. They send New Year greeting cards and messages to their dear and near ones who live abroad. On the New Year’s Day Girls and children wear colorful enchanting clothes which very much suits to the occasion. Through out India the New Year’s Eve celebrations impart the mood of a national festival.

How Bollywood Stars Celebrates New Years Eve

Actors and actresses of Bollywood, other professional dancers and singers come out and dance with people at this juncture. They mesmerize people with good dance and music and elevate people to the joyous environments of the New Year. Certain fist class hotels in Mumbai sponsors sumptuous dinner for the New Year celebrities to make it highly memorable. Other establishments offer crackers and bonfires to make the New Year arrival highly remarkable.

Those people who want to keep away from gatherings arrange separate parties and celebrate the New Year celebrations in a very calm and quite atmosphere. In this way different class of people prefer to celebrate the New Year in their own style.

But it is a common fact that most people fail to carry on these resolutions beyond the first week of New Year. Students always prefer start their studies on the point of view of examinations on January 1st of every year. Since March is their examination month they consider the New Year day as the ideal day for starting their revision. In this way New Year develops strong enthusiasm among people to make certain positive changes in their life.

New Year Customs and Resolutions in India

One of the most popular customs of this celebration is the passing of New Year celebrations. This custom was started by Babylonians. They always wanted to start the New Year in a clean atmosphere. In ancient times when cultivations were the main living means they had stared the New Year by returning the borrowed farm equipments. To commemorate that ancient custom even now people make New Year resolutions.

Some notable New Year resolutions are

  1. giving up of smoking habit
  2. avoiding of liquor consumption
  3. getting up early
  4. loosing of weight
  5. being punctual.


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