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Re-Visiting New Year Resolutions

Updated on April 7, 2017
2017 resolution.  No more coffee mugs, no matter how cute they are.
2017 resolution. No more coffee mugs, no matter how cute they are. | Source
No more books.  Shelves are full.  I'm working on it.  It's so hard to carry out this resolution because of book sales, since you are now reading on your electronic devices.
No more books. Shelves are full. I'm working on it. It's so hard to carry out this resolution because of book sales, since you are now reading on your electronic devices. | Source

2017 Resolutions

I find it hard to believe that some people still apply for credit cards, because they are now given freely like confetti. I'm bad at new year resolutions but one of them is to say no, to unsolicited bank and store credit cards.

I also wanted to avoid using them in 2017. It is March now, and I'm not winning. Let's just say I'm working on my cash only resolution.

Four Seasons

The major flaw of New Year resolutions is that they are not adjusted like nature's four seasons. We make them after December, the excess month: excessive shopping, eating and drinking and other things we cannot mention here because there are kids around.

We understand nature, that's why we buy boots and gloves or fly to warmer climates to catch some sun and surf, but we don't adjust our resolutions according to circumstances.

Evaluate New Year Resolutions

Summer time in cold places like Europe and North America means the sun and fun, but it should also be the time to take stock of your New Year resolutions.

  • · Are they on track?
  • · What is the problem?
  • · Should you tweak them here and there so that they can take off again?
  • · Which ones are successful?
  • · Should you ditch them and start all over again in 2017?

Personal Life Is a Business Enterprise

We are not in the habit of reassessing resolutions we make at the beginning of the year because we do not treat our personal life as a business.

If we own a company, we make sure that we maintain present customers and constantly source new ones. We oil trucks and cars. We pay workers on time. We provide incentives for excellence. We pay the business rent on time. Accountants make sure that taxes are paid.

We don’t do that for the most important business, our health and personal happiness. That is why we don’t do a mid-term re-evaluation of New Year resolutions and the summer is the ideal time for that.

Nature's Resolutions

New Year resolutions and our failure to implement them year after year, is not such a disaster.

It’s an indication that we are only human. We plan for better things to happen. They don’t because of this and that. We try again.

Nature also has New Year resolutions but they work like clockwork: autumn steps aside for winter, winter gives spring the right of way, and finally summer, the favourite for most people. There are many examples.

"A child is born, uses a walker to move around, grows up, becomes a child again in old age and uses a walker, and finally dies," by Nonqaba waka Msimang.

Lack of Planning

Human beings are not so fortunate. They do not plan meticulously like nature. New Year resolutions are good intentions because people attempt to make their lives better, to be more productive, healthy or to find inner peace, which hopefully will translate into world peace.

My New Year resolutions never see the light of day because I seldom have a game plan. I only plan them at the end of December. For example, I eat recklessly over Christmas, then decide to diet in January, a crash diet to be precise.

This never works because winter is howling at the door in January and February, bringing ideas of ‘comfort’ food. What kind of food is that? Food that settles on certain parts of the body, a sure give-away that I’m not using the health club membership or walking enough.

These are not user friendly months because even if I finally get to the health club, I have to peel off layers of clothing and rock heavy boots. That is why it’s easier to head home than divert to the gym or take walks when it is -30 degrees.

Why New Year Resolutions Fail

  1. Reality. It is not realistic to resolve that I will learn figure skating in 2016, when I cannot walk properly on these pavements that look like a skating rink. This limitation should delete the resolution to represent Canada at the next Winter Olympics, immediately.

  2. Budget. My New Year resolutions also do not take into consideration cash flow. It is madness to resolve that I will fly to British Columbia and Alberta to take photographs of rivers, lakes, mountains and animals if I do not have a substantial budget for the flight, accommodation, food, car rental or sightseeing.

  3. Outcomes. My resolutions want instant results such as instant weight loss after eating recklessly the whole winter, or wanting a promotion at work although I hate office politics and have never taken any self-improvement business courses at the local university or polytechnic.

  4. Time allocation. I’m not good at allocating time to my resolutions. Writing for example. I constantly have the proverbial writer’s block because I’m not at my desk. If I am, I’m the internet butterfly, socializing, instead of actually writing a paragraph or two.

  5. My resolutions tend to involve other people, which is suicidal because I cannot control their time and decisions. There’s nothing I can do if they break a promise or commitment.

Prepare A Business Plan For Your Life

I think I should move the furniture around. Think differently. I should treat New Year resolutions as part of a business plan.

Financial institutions do not give loans to people without business plans. These documents are roadmaps or blueprints of what you want to do, how, when and how much it will cost.

Let’s say I want to manufacture baby food that will make babies stop crying, because it interferes with mummy’s time on her cell phone, interacting with her online friends and followers.

Two things might happen. The bank will call the police for attempted murder or ask me where I intend finding the formula that will stop babies from crying.

Think Like Politicians

My New Year resolutions are therefore meaningless if I don’t even have a business plan for my life. For example, I cannot wake up one day and make a resolution that I want to be the Prime Minister of Canada.

It should be part of an earlier business plan so that I can live in Quebec or France for some time because that resolution will never see the light of day, if I don’t speak French.

I have a New Year resolution though. I’ll go to the moon during the 2016 summer.


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