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Fabulous New Year's Eve Party Favors

Updated on December 5, 2014

Throwing a New Year’s Eve party this year? Then you should probably consider handing out New Year’s Eve party favors. Whether it’s just your family, your friends, or a mix of both, we’ve got you covered!


New Year’s Eve Party Favors

Party favors are a pretty important aspect when it comes to New Year’s Eve party planning.

One can usually expect there to be party hats, masks, bead necklaces, and noise makers all around the party room, but what else is good for New Years?

Here are some New Year’s Eve party favors that will wow your guests:

  • Fireworks: Hand out fireworks to everyone of age to put on a big display at the announcement of the new year! Of course, everyone is welcome to save theirs if they wish, but it probably won’t happen that way. For the kids, have small fireworks such as snap n’ pops, small confetti poppers, sparklers, and so on.

  • Champagne flutes: Give a toast to those you love most this new year and get everyone in on it by giving them a champagne flute with the new year printed on it!

  • Bubbles: Kids love bubbles and these will make a perfect replacement for that messy confetti that flies around on New Year’s Day!

  • Silly string: Okay, this can get messy so be sure to set some ground rules for the fun, such as it needs to be used only outside to spare your house!

  • Sweet baked treats: We all love sweets every now and then, so why not now? Baking is easy and doesn’t break the bank, and everyone enjoys things that tickle their tastebuds!

  • Confetti poppers: If you’re having confetti, then it’s go big or go home. The large confetti poppers are the way to go, not those tiny ones for the kids. Of course, you should have small ones for the kids if adults get to play with some!

  • Masquerade-style masks: For whatever reason, these make parties more fun! You know the masks I’m referring to, those fancy ones that cover your face from the nose up, often embellished with feathers, glitter, or sequins. They’re awesome.

  • Mini bottles of wine or champagne: They make personal-sized bottles of wine and champagne that you can easily gift as favors! Might make a good pair for those wine flute, should you decide to go that route.

  • Gourmet chocolate: Mmmmm chocolate...need I say more?

  • Mugs with hot cocoa: It’s probably going to be pretty cold out there, and who can’t appreciate a nice, hot cup of cocoa? Purchase a lot of mugs with New Year messages on it or even just the year! This way, they will always remember the fun party in which the mug came from.

  • Candles: Candles are just nice, and very easy to personalize to theme it for a New Year’s Eve party! You can even go out and purchase those packs of votive candles with glass holders and design labels for them right on your computer!

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Party Time!

Now, let’s get into some things to think about:

  • When to hand favors out: What you plan on giving to your guests should determine when to hand them out. If it’s something that they can have fun using at the party (hats, noise makers, wine flutes, etc.), it’s best to hand it out toward the beginning. If it’s something that they will just be kinda holding onto the whole time, give it out at the end. A lot of people like to hand out the favors right after the ball drop celebration, while everyone is in the height of the party! It’s up to you, but timing is everything!

  • Age-appropriateness: If this is a family-friendly (likely meaning lots of kids) kind of party, then you will want to make sure there’s favors that everyone will enjoy! This can mean having a couple different kinds of favors.

  • Handmade: Think outside the box and give out something handmade! Your guests will love the fact that you spent time to make something for them and you will get a sense of satisfaction with how much money you will save!

Now that you have some ideas as to what to do for New Year’s Eve party favors, it’s time to get that part of the planning over with and behind you!

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