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New Year's Resolutions 2018

Updated on January 6, 2018

2018... A new year

Every year starts the same.

Each year everyone comes us witha list of goals or things they want to try to accomplish this coming year. The beginning of the year usually starts off great, you accomplish or at least beging to accomplish your new years resolutions. But a few weeks, the momentum begins to die out.

It is important not to lose the momentum. You MUST keep it going if you want to see the improvement of your resolutions.

Here are some tips to help you do so:


  • If your resolution is to lose weight. Make a "mini goal" each month or every couple months to keep yourself on track! Throughout the year mark it down on a document so you can SEE the improvement. Often times the reason why people stop trying to lose weight is due to the fact that they dont see improvement. Losing weight takes time. It is NOT easy. You won't always see the results on your body right away. So in order to prevent yourself from quitting when you're just getting started, keep a sheet of your progress along with your "mini goals".
  • If your resolution is to eat healthier. Begin by keeping track of everyting you eat. You do not need to keep track of the calories per say but by writing everything down you will be more conciensous of everything. A great way to do this, especially when on the go all the time, is through "My fitness pal".


  • If your resolution is to have a cleaner/organized home: Start off with setting aside time to organize/clean each room of the house. Every weekend, until you have done all, decide on what room to organize. This way you will not feel overwhelmed by the entire house!
  • If your resolution is to continue to have a clean/organized home: Set aside an hour(a given amount of time) on a certain day each week to just pick up or reorganize some things that got out of place. This way you are keeping up and not letting it get out of hand.


  • If your resolution is to be a better person: Start off with doing one nice thing for someone else each day. Wether it is simply complimenting their outfit or paying for the person behind you in the starbucks line.
  • If your resolution is to feel better overall: Cut out things that do not make you feel good. Wether that is a type of food(bread) or a person,do it. It will help!

Although these are just some tips and ideas, it is important to have measurable goals or mini goals that keep you on track to accomplishing your main resolution. By doing that you will keep to momentum and feel accomplised at the end of the year!

Happy New Years!

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© 2018 Kathleen Manley


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    • K S Lane profile image

      K S Lane 6 weeks ago from Melbourne, Australia

      I like this practical approach to new year's resolutions. I find that most people just make vague statements that they never even think about after new year's day, but by making a more specific, structured goal I suppose you're much more likely to actually achieve your resolution.