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New Years Resolutions to Make and Keep

Updated on July 24, 2012

Making My New Year's Resolutions

I struggle with this every year, there are many resolutions running through my head and I want to make them meaningful and of course I want to follow them. However, I am always unsure what would be best for me, and which ones are actually reasonable. Of course I would love to make a resolution to make five million dollars this year, but short of winning the lottery I think that might be a long shot. Of course losing weight and getting in better shape is a very popular resolution and I tend to make that one every year, but this year I’m going to make some new resolutions that I wouldn't normally make. Ones that I can consciously make myself follow and ones that I believe will make me and the people around me a little happier. Here’s what I came up with.

Smile more.This doesn't take much, but it doesn't take a conscious effort. I’m going to make myself smile at a stranger at least daily (well when I come in contact with them), smile at my kids more, smile at my husband, even when I don’t feel like it. I’m going to start this one today, considering it might take a little getting used to before the new year.

Be Spontaneous.Maybe one day take a road trip with the kids, just wake up and decide to go. I could just see the smile on my six year olds face now if I told her we were going on a mini vacation….to anywhere.

Say I love you more. I have in my past and recently experienced loss, and I do wish that I had one more chance to tell those people how much I love them. So I’m going to tell my kids, my husband, my family and friends how much I appreciate them and love them just a little more often.

Meditate.I have heard this is a pretty great way to release stress. I think its time I try it. Just a little escape and clarity in my brain isn’t going to hurt anyone.

Try new recipes. I swear we have the same menu in our house week after week. I want to completely erase that menu and start a new one. At least once a week try something different from the ordinary.

Learn a little more about myself. Being a mom and a wife gets me lost sometimes, I forget the things I once enjoyed. I’m going to try and find those things again, writing is one of them and I have rediscovered my love for that, but I know there are other things that helped to make me the person I am today. My resolution is to try and rediscover those things.

Do at least one random act of kindness a day. This is going to be slightly difficult, but it can be as simple as telling someone they look nice to help brighten their day. Calling a friend and telling them you are thinking of them or giving my husband a big hug and telling him how much he means to me.

Now for the Hard Part

These are my resolutions this year and this is the first time they haven’t been lose weight, make more money, and go on a vacation. So now on to the really fun part, how to keep them.

In order to follow through with my resolutions, which is really the hardest part, I have a plan. I bought a big calendar, one that has plenty of room to write on. The first thing I have to do is write my resolutions down so I can hang them above my calendar.


Smile More

Be Spontaneous

Say I Love You More

Try New Recipes

Learn More about Myself

Random Acts of Kindess

If I make this difficult I will not follow through. I have made quite a few resolutions so I know that I need to simplify them and not stress myself or I won't be able to keep them.


The Plan for Each Resolution

So here is my plan for each resolution.

Smile More. I stuck a big sign on my refrigerator that says SMILE MORE. This is going to take some effort but I’m dedicated to it. Plus I always feel so much better when I smile.

Being Spontaneous. This is another hard goal for me to track, it’s kind of an unwritten rule that you can’t really be spontaneous when you are PLANNING to do it. I put a check list next to my 'Be Spontaneous' goal on my New Year’s resolution list. I put 10 check marks and each time I do something spontaneous (big spontaneous like the road trip idea) I am going to check one of the boxes off.

Say 'I Love You' More. Another sign that will be plastered in my home somewhere (maybe by the front door because this is where we come and go) is SAY I LOVE YOU! I think this will help my whole family to remember to say those three amazing words.

Try New Recipes. I am getting out all the old cookbooks that I never use and making a completely new menu. Each week I am going to look online, ask friends or check my recipe book for another creative idea. I'm excited about chaning things up in the kitchen. I really think my whole family will appreciate this one.

Meditate. My goal is to meditate at least once a week, after figuring out exactly how to do it, I’m going to mark it off my calendar as well.

Learning More About Myself. I think I am going to take a couple online classes and maybe read some more books on self discovery, I think the meditating goal will go hand in hand with this one. Just making sure I spend time knowing me.

Random Act of Kindness. Each time I do that random act of kindness I am going to put a star on the calendar.


Happy New Year

I didn’t want to make this too difficult, because if I did I knew that I wasn’t going to follow through. By making it fun and tracking my resolutions it will make it kind of a game for me, with an end in sight. I hope these habits stick with me and I hope you have as much fun making your resolutions as I did. Happy New Year!


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    • Neverletitgo profile image

      Abdinasir Aden 7 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

      What a great resolution mendee! I guess you've already applied some of those lists. Let me remind you one thing; see your picture in your page, it is very nice since you are smiling. So I would say it is going be easy to you to apply in your hub page some of your resolutins, so don't forget us. Updating your profile is another thing you can emphasize your New Year resolution. Any way I enjoyed this hub and I got to use some of them, also I am so excited to be one of your followers. This is useful and I voted up. Thanks for your great idea and your sharing.


    • Mandeeadair profile image

      Mandeeadair 7 years ago from California

      Deborah, thank you for reading and the day at a time is a must :)!!

      Carlene, as always thank you so much for reading and your support!! It means the world to me!

      Ashantina, thank you so much for the wonderful compliment, you made my night :)!

      SweetiePie, I am a big fan of your work. Thanks for reading and I completely agree with those resolution suggestions you have.

    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 7 years ago from Southern California, USA

      One good New Year's resolution is vowing to eat less sugar, drink less soda, and to appreciate life more. Great hub for this time of year!

    • Ashantina profile image

      Ashantina 7 years ago

      Fantastic list! After a while and actually remembering to do these, it all becomes second nature and then you get to make a brand new list this time next year! Also just looking at your list says alot about the essence of who you are and your forthcoming journey.. notably there not being a single material want on your list - this is truly special and I think you must be a beautiful soul.

      Here's to an awesome journey of self discovery for 2011 and beyond, Stay Blessed :)

    • profile image

      Carlene 7 years ago

      Awesome Mandee, I love your resolutions. I think I will make some of those mine. Love the smile more... that feeds your soul and others. Speaking of feeding love the new recipe idea. Great work, love reading your hub Keep up the great work!

    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 7 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      These are great resolutions. Take one day at a time, and remember, each moment is a new opportunity to practice.


    • Mandeeadair profile image

      Mandeeadair 7 years ago from California

      Thank you so much for reading! I appreciate your feedback and I will take your advice. Happy New Year!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

      What an absolutely fabulous hub! Besides this probably being the best News Year's resolution hub I've read, your work is a great example of what a hub should be and I will be a follower as soon as I post this comment. :)

      May I suggest that you begin meditation on the book of Proverbs from an ESV Bible? You will love the writing, but oh the blessing of drinking in the truths and praying about them!