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New Year's Resolutions Planning 2011

Updated on December 23, 2010

Bring Your New Years In Safely

Happy New Years,Celebration Time
Happy New Years,Celebration Time

Whats Your New Years Resolution?


Well another new year’s is quickly upon us along with much celebration that we all have lived to see another year. Around this time of the year many start planning their New Year’s Resolutions. So, what’s going to be your New Year’s Resolutions and how do you plan on keeping them?

While others have succeeded in keeping previous New Year’s Resolutions many often times fail to keep their resolutions in part due to weakness or emotional stress. The weakness comes in when you make resolutions like “I’m going to stop drinking” or “I’m going to quit smoking”. The problem with those types of New Year’s resolutions is that if you’ve been drinking or smoking for many years it’s going to take a lot more effort to quit those things than just saying I am going to bring in my new years without them. As many people celebrate the New Year’s there will be drinking and smoking even if it’s just a simple glass of Champaign so you’re already breaking the New Year’s resolutions on day one.

Having a Strategy for Keeping New Years Resolutions


I believe that you should have a strategy for creating and keeping your new year’s resolution such as the following:

·         Start your list early by thinking of all the things you wish to change

·         Take note of your previous new year’s resolutions and what kept you from keeping those.

·         Resolve certain problems in your life that may be causing your failure, can include eliminating people from your life or certain things that you felt you just couldn’t do without in the past or present that cause harm or depression. This can also include a job change or lifestyle changes.

·         Think happy thoughts about what the new years can bring because mind power is stronger than you may think.

·         If you have any hatred in your heart towards someone else it’s best to let go of it because you don’t want it feeling like a heavy load in the New Year causing you more emotional stress than it did in the past.

New Years Eve Celebrations and Safety


If you have celebrated new years in the past by drinking and partying with friends and family you might want to try going to a church, even if you’re not religious. You’d be surprised how worry or stress free and wonderful you’d feel after attending a great church service. It’s also a lot safer than attending a club or bar with lots of partygoers and drunks who just might start shooting at any giving moment. In certain Chicago neighborhoods when New Year hit all you hear are the gun shots, in fact it’s nationwide. New Year’s Eve throughout New Year’s Day has very high rates for accidental shootings or drunken driving accidents so you are safer in a church environment if you just have to get out around others to bring in the New Year. Regardless of how you bring in your new year, I wish you all success in keeping your new year’s resolutions and looking towards 2011 with a go getter attitude.


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