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New Year's Resolutions: The Top Ten Reasons They Fail.

Updated on December 29, 2018
Leaping into our future
Leaping into our future | Source

It is that time again, and so many of us will be making and breaking resolutions before the month is out. Of course many will make and stick to resolutions far into the year; but the harsh reality is that the majority of us will probably fail... and here's why.


The Top Ten reason Why:

Goals or Expectations Too High

We didn't pack on the extra weight or begin smoking like chimneys overnight ; so it is going to take more than a resolution in January to change. Rome wasn't built in a day, and for me neither was my waistline.

Many Simply Fail To Plan

As the old saying goes ..."failing to plan, is planning to fail." We have to plan out ways and techniques in which our resolutions will be met. What will we do, or attempt to do differently.We simply must have a plan.

Not Setting Target Dates

Since we know we aren't going to get all our resolutions met in a day; target dates for small accomplishments are vital. Say to yourself that you will have so much done by a certain target date.Stay realistic!

Comparing Progress to Others

Remember that everyone is different , with individual needs, desires, and circumstances. Progress in terms of resolutions is an individual thing. Quite often we make resolution pacts with others, and are disappointed if are fellows are doing better than we. So be it... don't get discouraged; cheer them on, and keep going!

Telling The Wrong People

Remember that everyone is not an encouraging voice of reason, and a friend. Resolutions are personal and important to many of us. Something so intimate should not be shared with everyone you encounter and mere casual acquaintances.

Not Being Grateful

Just as that nosey co-worker or discouraging acquaintance can be discouraging; we can sometimes be our own worse enemy. Don't belittle your own progress however small it may seem it is further than you were before you started toward the goal. If you are smoking 1 and 1/2 packs whereas you were smoking three packs a day, be grateful, and keep forging ahead.

Giving Up Too Soon

If you fail to stop smoking or eating chocolate after midnight, don't give up. Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day... but a whole lot of days strung together. There is no resolutions rulebook that says if you resolved to spend more time with friends or spend less money, or what have you; that you are a failure if you miss the mark. Resolve to do better and do. You don't have too wait another 365 days.

Forget To Reward Yourself

Both humans and animals alike perform all the better when a reward is looming. Don't forget to reward yourself. However if you resolved to eat healthier don't reward yourself with a gallon of ice cream.. be reasonable. Find rewards that don't lead to or pertain to the object or behaviour of resolve.

Too Many Resolutions At Once

Since ancient times cultures have been resolving to change at the coming of a New Year. Many societies sacrificed to their Gods at this time of year, and believed themselves cursed if their resolutions weren't kept. We too in our so-called modern society put a high premium on these annual promises. We put so much value on these promises that we make too many resolutions at once. It is reasonable to want to rebuild one's life or reinvent oneself; but as this author knows all too well it takes steps.

Make Them Only Once A Year

Again, I don't remember ever reading the official resolutions guide and rulebook. Who says that we can't resolve throughout the year or seasonably. Lets resolve to do so and so by spring, or fall. or at the beginning of winter. How about just resolving to be thankful and grateful for another day of breathing on this planet... and let's resolve to make it and the lives of our fellows better daily.


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