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New Years Spiritual Message from a Psychic Medium

Updated on December 30, 2015
Jon Sullivan via Wikimedia commons
Jon Sullivan via Wikimedia commons

2015 is ending soon and with any ending there is always brand new beginnings. New starts and many people have had quite a year. Many have lost a loved one dear to their heart. The tears have overflown your cheeks and sadness has infiltrated your inner most being. Some people have lost their jobs and experienced the hardships and insecurity of not having income to eat, pay for bills, or even a place to live. Some people have fallen ill with sickness whether it be physical, emotional, or mental. Some have heard the words CANCER. Almost like any diagnosis it’s not easy to swallow and accept our own mortality. Some of us have been in a relationship only to feel their hearts shattered and have never felt as unsure of anything in their life. For those of you reading this message. YOU HAVE SURVIVED! You are strong, beautiful souls, you are empowered. Our world has witnessed devastation in the form of a natural disaster and true evil in human form. But we are still here and alive. Everything we have done this year has been life lessons for us. This has only served us to realize who we truly are as human beings and who we are destined to be.

For every hardship, every tear, every sorrow, every heartache, every loss…there’s always hope, faith, happiness, joy, and love! For every lonely moment you have experienced you only need to look to your memories to remind you of all the good times and realize you never have been alone. Sure we can wallow in our inner most fears and feel sorry or we can get up and keep going and know that the divine only wants happiness for each of us. Each day is not promised to us so we need to be accepting of others. Show more compassion for humanity and less hate. Let go of the things that no longer serve us for the greater good. But as we try to look forward remember to reflect back on what you did and how you impacted everyone. Did you hurt anyone’s feelings and did not make amends? Did you not offer a helping hand when you could? Did you not try not to judge somebody by appearance without getting to know the person first? Our inner most reflections and desires are always manifested. Many of us often attract what energy we currently have inside of our soul. If you hate someone you will receive hate back. If you love someone you will receive love back from someone. This world is a balance of all the good and negative. However, we all know that good always wins!

So with 2016 it’s time to take a good look at those things you were unhappy with in 2015 and change things. You have the power to change any outcome. It will all start with good intentions. Decide what you want to change in your life or in the life of others and manifest it. This year it’s time to let go of the what if’s, could be’s, maybe’s and replace all that with It shall be, It will be, I claim it! It’s time to let go of the fear of change and take that first step. You have the willpower and the ability to make changes even if they are scary. You owe it to yourself. This year it’s all about embracing the fun and creating new memories. This year of 2015 was a turning point for myself. I finally came out of my shell and embraced my spiritual side more than ever. I discovered my true calling and now I’m pursuing it with all hands on deck. I’ve learned that the only person holding me back was myself. I learned that if I wanted to see change I had to take the first step as no one was going to take that step for me. I learned that no matter how long I waited and wanted a miracle to occur that the miracle was already looking me in face and guiding me. I learned that if you want any kind of success you must work hard and continue to work hard. I learned that there were so many lovely people from all walks of like who just embraced their spiritual journey or awakened. I learned I’m not alone in this world and there’s so many out there just like me. Most of all I learned so much about myself and my abilities that I had never tapped into.

So with that all said and done. Do I look back at 2015 and say, “Thank GOD it’s over?” The answer is NO!!! I am grateful for this year and I’m super excited for 2016. I have a clear sense of direction and many new beginnings. I know I always say it but sometimes there’s a need to repeat it. Thank you to each of you for allowing me to be a part of your life. Thank you for allowing me to help you and you helping me. Thank you for being so kind and growing together. Thank you for the AWESOME memories we all created. Thank you for allowing me to help you discover your potential and building a team who shares the same vision and goals to make you each tap into your own abilities. Thank you for being angels. For each of you reading this is an earth angel with a certain mission and your path is going to be EXCITING and full of HAPPINESS! Even if you are rolling your eyes and saying…..puh-lease!!! LOL trust me it will. Being skeptical is common to human nature but showing love is priceless. So as you see the clocks at midnight on Jan 1st….be sure to take a moment to write down everything you want to manifest and see in your life in 2016. Then in a year from now look back at that same list. See how far you’ve come. Big hugs and brightest blessings always in love n light. You’re friend, colleague, psychic medium, author, and human being – Raymond


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    • profile image

      Sandy 21 months ago

      Thank you Raymond for all your wonderful insight. May your New Year be blessed.

    • profile image

      earhart2014 21 months ago

      This was a beautifully written piece. Onward and upwards!

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 21 months ago from london

      All hands on deck; hard work; assiduousness; moving forward in the spiritual life with full speed! How I like all this! Awesome that you're not looking back. What's there for us? Forwards, upwards, inwards!

      A truly inspirational Hub. Happy New Year, Raymond!