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New Year's Superstitions

Updated on August 26, 2014
If you're looking for passion in the upcoming year, wear red underwear. Wearing red will also set the tone for the year ahead
If you're looking for passion in the upcoming year, wear red underwear. Wearing red will also set the tone for the year ahead

It's hard to believe another year is almost over and with the holidays fast approaching, I thought I'd get this out there so you'd have time to prepare.

While everyone makes some type of resolution which will probably be broken a few seconds after the stroke of midnight, these are superstitions that have stood throughout the ages.

Money, happiness, love, romance and avoiding bad luck are always at the top of everyone's wish lists this year. But how do you attract the above while avoiding the evil doings of the Universe? By following these and not so common superstitions (thanks to family and friends), you just might be basking in the glow of a new relationship, spending money like it were water and laughing at the misfortunes of others.

So, let's get started on these superstitions.

Increase your cash flow:

From food to clothes, many "money superstitions" can be just that. Superstitions. There are a lot of people who believe in eating something green on New Year's Eve or Day, but for more of a chance at doubling your income, add some quarters into your boiling pot of greens. Your menu should include black eyed peas, (coins), collard greens and cabbage, (dollar bills).

Before going out to celebrate, write a check to yourself and in the pay to write, "Paid In Full," and put a quarter on your exterior window sill. Be sure to bring the quarter in sometime the next day. This represents money coming into your house throughout the year.

When you select your partying attire for the night, be sure to wear something with polka dots on the fabric, put a dime in each shoe and wear yellow underwear (see below). Also, be sure to have money in your purse, wallet or pocket at the stroke of midnight. You're bound to have money on you throughout the year.

Avoiding bad luck:

Unfortunately we can't predict the weather so a dark and gloomy New Year's Day is said to foretell a hard year. Solution: Go to a sunny tropical climate for your New Year's celebration.

There are many superstitions for avoiding bad luck and here are some of them:

Never say an angry word on New Year's Day. By doing so you'll be angry all year long.

Take down your Christmas tree by December 31

A woman should not be the first to enter your house on New Year's Day.

It's also considered unlucky to clean your house, wash your hair, sneeze, cry, use knives, scissors, nail clippers, stumble or break something. The myths behind there superstitions mean you run the risk of sweeping, washing or cutting through good fortune.

And whatever you do, NEVER lend or spend money on New Year's Day. If you do, you'll always be poor.

As with any superstition the positive has to outweigh the negative and there are many ways we can attract good luck to ourselves.

Again we have to go back to clothes more specifically underwear. Laugh all you want, but new panties for women and underwear for men are essential for those seeking change. The color also plays an important part on luck. Red (passion); white (peace) and blue (happiness) are what should get you through another year. While on the subject of clothes, try to wear red since it's considered a bright happy color. It also sets the tone of the year ahead.

The first person to say, "Happy New Year!" first will be lucky throughout the year and in order to secure good luck throw a brick through your doorway. My advice is to make it an ex's doorway but that's only a fantasy we all share.

One myth which is constantly debated is about men. It's believed the first person to enter your house should be a man preferably a stranger (i.e. a neighbor, paperboy or your date) but the rule of thumb is he must have dark hair. Some people believe he should be a blonde or have light hair, but all agree the occupant of the house should not be the first to enter since this will bring bad luck.

Other good myths to consider are:

Step over a chair at midnight

Eat pork

Bring grass in from your yard

Burn your old calander in a fireplace

Whenever leaving your house on New Year's Day, bring in something new with you

Burn juniper incense

Attracting love:

It's all in the chemistry of who you meet, but as a rule of thumb, hang the wishbone from a turkey over your front door and the first person who walks under it will become your lover. It's also a good sign that if you're with the same person on New Year's Eve you'll be spending another year with him or her. The best advice is to watch, "Looking for Mr. Goodbar," then decide if you want to meet someone.

Of course the belief in these myths is in the eye of the beholder, but the best advice to survive your New Year's superstitions is to hire a maid to clean and a chef to cook. This will give you plenty of time to steal quarters from window panes and pick pockets at midnight. (While tempting I wouldn't recommend it unless you want to spend the next few years in the pokey).

But be sure to wear a blue satin ribbon around your ankle in order to get close enough for a kiss at midnight.

Don't forget to follow traditional New Year's Superstitions
Don't forget to follow traditional New Year's Superstitions


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