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How to Plan for the New Year.

Updated on October 11, 2011
A young woman celebrates  New year's eve in Vienna,Austria with sparkles.
A young woman celebrates New year's eve in Vienna,Austria with sparkles. | Source

New Year: means new hope.

Each year as we come to the end of one year,we begin a new year. A new year marks a milestone in our lives and we look back to the previous year and look forward to the new year with optism and hope for the better things to come. A new year brings new hope and new things in our lives.

Most individuals take a tally of the previous year's achievements and look forward to improving on their score in the new year. The new year opens a new chapter in our lives where we begin to strive for even much greater heights in our accomplishments and we always hope for the very best in the new year- better things to come!

How to end the year before celebrating the ushering of the new year

Plan, plan, and plan. The best way to end a year is to plan for the next year.Lets rejoice over our achievementsbut lets not dwell so much mourning or crying over our failures in the year ending but rather spend our energies focusing on planning for the good things to come in the new year. The planning for the new year must touch all facets of our lives that is of paramount importance to us. Our planning will include: health, financial, career,family, social and political planning.

Planning for your health in the new year

My advise:Lose the excess pounds,lose weight, reduce your waistline, curb your junk food cravings, start a healthy exercise regiment, eat a healthy balanced diet and quit the blame game when it comes to matters concerning your health.

Your health means: physical health, mental health and spiritual health.

Physical health: the food we eat determines who we are. we eat junk food we become junkies. We eat healthy food we become healthy. We eat more than we need and the rest is stored in our bodies in the form of fat  where we become overweight and obese. Overweighty and obesity will predispose us to  lifestyle diseases such diabetes,high bood presure, hyperlipidemia, hypercholestemia, heart disease and arthritis-painful joints and back pains.Exercise more and eat healthy foods to maintain a balance in our body weight and be physically fit.

Mental health: We must feed our minds healthy  stuff. What we feed our minds  determines our thinking and our mental status. Read good books and useful materials. Listen to great talk and good stuff. Avoid dirty addictions such drug abuse and pornography.Do not poison you mind by particiapting in any illegal acts that do not promote a healthy mental state.

Spiritual health: Your soul and your heart filled with the passion to achieve greatness and be useful to yourself, your family and the community at large. Spiritual healthy can be promoted by practising our religions and adhering to our beliefs and teachings of  our religions.

Financial planning for the new year

 Reduce debts or pay all debts: Becoming debt free is your goal number one

Save up and save all you can: Creating a nest egg is your goal number two. You must have savings for everything in your life: Simply put, "Save for the rainy day!"

Spend wisely and carefully: Buying only what you need and not what you want is the rule number three to personal financial planning.

Always work with a budget: Easy and simple enough to draw a budget: What comes in and what goes out must balance, if they cannot balance seek the help of a financial advisor or planner.

Career Planning in the new year

view quiz statistics

What is career planning all about ?

If you answered "No" to questions 1 to 3 and "Yes" to question 4 above your are probably not alone. Many folks are sailing in the same boat.Therefore, lets all plan to change the status of our careers in the new year.

Career planning in the new year will involve: a career change which may mean going back to school to study for a new career. We may also plan to accelerate the pace by which our careers grow by going back to school and acquiring more knowledge and skills such as a bachelors degree, an MBA, a masters degree, a doctoral degree depending on the level of our education. We may also change the direction our careers are taking by changing companies. Lets find an employer who needs our services and will reward us accordingly.

Family planning for the next year

Another baby in the next year could be a good thing. When planning for the family for the new year we look at all facets of life: family finances, vacations and holidays,medical and healthy benefits, insurances, education,family businesses, charities, religious obligations, social gatherings, entertainment, food,clothing and shelter.

Socio-political planning of the new year

What party our we going to join or support and vote for in the new year?

What social acitvities are we going to be involved in the new year?

Which ball teams are we going to support and be fans of in the new year?

What social clubs are we going to be apart of in the new year?

What social networks are we going to join and sign up for in the new year?

What unwelcome social habits(like alcohol addiction, cigarette smoking) are we dropping in the new year?

What new friends are we adding to our lives in the new year?

What hangouts are we visiting in the new year?

In our new year planning we need to consider answering all these questions in our final draft of our new year's plan.


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