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Top 10 Things To Do On New Year's Day

Updated on October 11, 2015

Ten Things To Do On New Year's Day

Looking for things to do on New Year’s Day? We often spend all of our time planning for New Year’s Eve, but the first day of the new year is just as important. Here are 10 fun and practical New Year’s Day 2016 activities.

  • FYI: Did you know that 2016 is considered the Year of the Monkey according to Chinese zodiac? Therefore, we all should monkey around on new year's day!!

1) Watch Football

New Year’s Day is a big day for College Football! Check out for the most up to date schedule.

2) Take a Hot Yoga Class

Yoga is well known for it’s healing, cleansing and renewal effects. What better day for cleansing and renewal than on New Year’s Day! Hot Yoga classes are taught in a heated room, with temperatures ranging from 90 degrees to 104 degrees. The heat promotes muscle flexibility and sweating, which helps get the toxins (ex. bottle of champagne on New Year’s Eve) out of your body. If you are new to yoga, almost any class can be adjusted for students at all levels, from beginner to expert

Funny & Creative New Year's Day Quotations

3) Set Personal Goals and New Year’s Resolutions

The beginning of a new year is a fresh start and a great time to think about what you want to accomplish in your personal and professional life in 2016. The most common New Year’s resolutions include to: lose weight, exercise more, eat better, stop smoking, spend more time with family and friends, volunteer and save money and/or get out of debt.

Here are some tips to writing meaningful personal goals and New Year’s resolutions. Move to quiet area away from family and friends. Bring your laptop or a pad of paper and a writing implement. Think about what’s working in your life and what changes you would like to see and start jotting down ideas for 2016 goals. When you’ve exhausted all the ideas, look at the list and prioritize what’s most important, ranking your ideas from high to low.Take the top five ideas and expand on them.

For example, you may have written down “lose weight”. How much weight? How quickly do you want to lose the weight? How will you lose the weight? The more specific you are and the more planful you are, the more likely you will achieve your goals. The end result may be: Lose 25 pounds by June 30, 2016 by joining Crunch Gym, purchasing sessions with a personal trainer and bringing my lunch to work at least twice per week. The re-written goal is very specific and measurable.

There area a variety of published statistics on the percentage of the population who takes the time to set and achieve goals. Although the stats vary, it’s estimated that less than 10% of the population takes the time to formally define their goals. When you compare people who set goals versus those who did not, no surprise, the individuals who defined their goals were much more likely to achieve their goals. For 2016, you can be part of the 10% of achievers!!

4) Host a New Year’s Day Brunch or Open House

Invite your friends and family over for a New Year’s Day brunch. Keep it relaxed by using an “open house” format where attendees can come and go as they please. More and more people are staying at home on New Year’s Eve, and would look forward to an event the next day.

The Entertaining section of has a great article on how to host a New Year’s Day brunch which can be accessed by clicking here.

5) Re-connect with Friends, Extended Family and Colleagues

You can never have too many friends and New Year’s Day is the perfect day of the year to reach out to those who you haven’t spoken to in awhile. We all get so busy, especially around the holidays.

Also, in this economy with more layoffs announced daily, keeping in touch with friends, extended family and colleagues is very important. When it’s time to change employers, having an inside contact can make a significant difference, considering all the competition. They can help get your resume directly to the hiring manager.So, grab the telephone and make some quick New Year’s Day greeting phone calls. Perhaps, send a brief email, sharing some personal, professional or family updates, wishing recipients a Happy New Year and inviting responses.Creating or updating your Face Book, Linked In or other social networking site profile is a great idea on New Years. Find friends, family members or key contacts on the site and send them invitations to connect.

Clean Out The Fridge on New Year's Day!
Clean Out The Fridge on New Year's Day!

6) Do Some Expiration Date Cleaning

Have you ever prepared a salad, added the dressing, taken a bite and then stopped chewing because you could taste that something was wrong? Then, when you looked at the salad dressing bottle your read that the “best used by” date was from the prior year? We tend to be so busy in our day to day lives, we don't take the time to remove the outdated items.

On New Year’s Day, set aside an hour and do some expiration date cleaning. Take a look in your refrigerator door and toss everything with expired dates. Look in your freezer and toss the items that are no longer recognizable and are likely infused with freezer burn. Also, look inside your medicine cabinet and toss the old medications and ointments as well as older make-up items, like mascara, that should be replaced on a regular basis.

7) Go See A New Year's Matinee Movie

Seeing a newly released movie with family and friends is a New Year’s Day tradition for many. This New Year’s Day you have a choice of many, highly anticipated new releases- to be announced shortly!

8) Put Holiday Decorations Back In Storage

There are some home owners who keep their Christmas lights and holiday decorations out for all to see far past New Year’s Day. Most don’t, so what better day for de-holidaydizing (yes, it’s a word) than January 1, 2016? Gather up the red & green, pack up the blue and white, take down the Christmas tree and roll-up the holiday lights.

9) Shop After Christmas - New Year’s Day Sales

Many retailers need to move excess holiday inventory and hold fantastic “After Christmas” sales.

If you prefer to shop online, use Google or Yahoo to search for specific products or head directly to the website for the retailer of your choice. Visit my sister Hub on “Never Pay Full Price Online” for additional online shopping tips.If you don’t mind the challenge of finding a parking space in a mall and prefer shopping at the “brick and mortar” stores, FIRST search Google or Yahoo for “printable coupons for “insert retail store name”. Many offer additional discounts with coupons and the extra five minutes of preparation could save you hundreds of dollars at the cash register.

10) Do A Whole Lotta Nothing

Get up as late as possible, lounge around in comfy sweatpants and your favorite tee shirt, drink mimosas, down an entire bag of potato chips or plate of home made cookies, order in Chinese Food or Pizza, watch a Law and Order marathon, cuddle etc. etc. etc.

Copyright © 2008-2016 M. Reynolds, All Rights Reserved

Any Other Suggestions for New Year's Day? Please Leave a Comment Below...

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    • profile image

      Delilah 2 years ago

      no thank you

    • profile image

      Teri 3 years ago

      The reason people leave Christmas decorations up past New Years is that Christmas starts December 25th and ends January 6th ( The Epiphany) so no thank you on putting away decorations. I'll save that for January 7th when Christmas is actually over.

    • profile image

      Jade 3 years ago

      New years hats posle sangos

    • profile image

      Sashalina 4 years ago

      Sooooooooo boring and Lamo!!!!

    • profile image

      JRT 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Lee 4 years ago

      Or you could just get a life

    • profile image

      Californiagurl56 5 years ago

      Yoga time!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      yowuzup 5 years ago

      Having family fun time is good! Do a cook off! Or a game night! Also excersice day to work off holiday food and get in shape( do pushups or run upstairs)

    • profile image

      Mayank sharma 5 years ago

      I thnk d inspiratory or motivation is mising litlle bit but at d end i enjoyed it very much . . .

    • profile image

      Debra 5 years ago

      Photos always a must!!

    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 5 years ago from USA

      These are great ideas. Voted up.

    • profile image

      new years miami 5 years ago

      the best thing to do on new years is to head down to miami and chill out to some of the best music in the USA!! all the info can be found below!!

    • profile image

      Desarae 5 years ago

      Walk on the beach

    • profile image

      kkkiiilllooobbbuuujjf 6 years ago

      these are for oldiess

    • profile image

      elorac 6 years ago

      Well you could dress up in all your old clothes and create some new ensembles for a laugh

      Cut up your old clothes and make a rug out of them

      Do a collage

      Write a story

      Use up your left overs

      Feed the birds


    • profile image

      Diane 6 years ago


    • Lita C. Malicdem profile image

      Lita C. Malicdem 7 years ago from Philippines

      A great list of reminders. My most difficult one is putting back Christmas decors in storage, and haven't moved a finger to take them down yet. Waiting for Chinese New Year in February. Thanks!

    • profile image

      abhiallen 7 years ago

      thanks for the list... very helpful

    • profile image

      Bianca 7 years ago

      I loooove the last one.. A whole lot of nothing is my plan for today!! Although I feel a little guilty not to go outside on a very sunny San Diego day.. well, maybe I'll catch a beautiful sunset later!

      Great Hub!

    • Eddy2106 profile image

      Eddy2106 7 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      i'm do the first one and then do the last one.

    • LondonGirl profile image

      LondonGirl 8 years ago from London

      lovely hub!

      I spent NYD as I always do - going for a long walk with my family (parents, sisters, brother, son, etc) and then playing bridge. Relaxing all the way for me!

    • ThePioneer21 profile image

      ThePioneer21 8 years ago from Liverpool

      I love the party idea, but as it was the morning after the night before we couldn't face it, but will definitely plan an 'open house' party for next New Year. I have to admit me and my boyfriend opted for the last of your ideas, replacing law and order with CSI Miami- fantastic slouch day!!

      Nice, easy going hub :-)

    • profile image

      tr15599 8 years ago

      This is a great list if your over 50 and not very active.

    • indy cindy profile image

      indy cindy 8 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      I really need to take down my tree. Unfortunately ... there are at least twenty five things I'd rather be doing. I did clean out my pantry not long ago ... and had to throw out way more expired items than I expected (I really need to remember to rotate my stock when I put new items in the pantry!).

      Today ... I think I might wander over to the Garfield Park Conservatory here in Indianapolis. It will be warm inside ... and I can spend some time savoring one of my favorite past times ... nature photography.

      Nice hub.

    • profile image

      4Real522 8 years ago

      its awesome like the videos 10 outa 10

    • Reynolds_Writing profile image

      Reynolds_Writing 8 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Yes.. Yoga is great for cleansing - especially after a late New Year's eve. Thanks for the feedback.

    • ForReal511 profile image

      ForReal511 8 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, FL

      awesome list! esp love the idea of yoga and hosting a brunch or open house

    • KateWest profile image

      KateWest 8 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      All sounds good to me.

    • profile image

      njdiamonds 8 years ago

      We watch foot ball, and just relax we work 6 days a week, and around the holiday season 7 days so we are looking for a day just to rest. Nice hub thanks for the ideas.

    • Reynolds_Writing profile image

      Reynolds_Writing 8 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Thanks for the feedback. Would love to hear other New Year's Day suggestions.

    • profile image

      elengy517 8 years ago

      This is a great list of New Year's Day activities.. I always forget aboutt the fridge cleaning.. Good reminder

    • profile image

      johnnyalcott 8 years ago

      Very well written Hub. Great ideas for new year's day...