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pacifiers and sterilizers newborn gift guide

Updated on December 23, 2013

Best All Occasions Gifts for the Newborn

There is a huge choice in "simple" Gifts for a newborn baby. My favorite gift would be a "bear" or a "doll", or some "stuffed animal" or "knitted doll", as I already described in my lens about Gifts for Newborns.

But finally, why not just give a "pacifier" as a Christmas Gift for the newborn? In fact, a "pacifier" is also an great "all seasons gift" too. Because during their life phases babies always need some "new" pacifiers.

There is a lot of choice in pacifiers. Mostly people choose according to color and shape of the pacifier shield. But it is also important to choose the right "shape" of the pacifier itself, and consider the "age" of the baby.

Generally there are two pacifier shapes: the simple round "physiological" pacifier, and the little bit flat shaped "dental" pacifier. The first one is a simple one, because you don't have to care about the position in baby's mouth. The suction part is "straight" with a rounded top. The second one fits better in the mouth, because the rond part of the pacifier fits against the palate. A second choice you have to make, has to do with the "age" of the baby. And the last choice to make : "latex" or "silicone" pacifier.

I'm convinced you will find "the" pacifier on this page you want to give as a Christmas gift to the Newborn. But: not only for Christmas. All those presents on this page can be "all occasions" gifts for newborns, and also for the "growing" babies.

Simple Pacifiers for Newborns - Ages 0 - 6 months

You can choose a "simple" pacifier as a Newborn Christmas Gift: one color, transparent, a little design on it. It's the size, the shape, and the safety what matters.

Replacement Pacifiers - Ages 0 - 3 months

In hospitals worldwide distributed pacifiers, simple of shape, designed for babies from birth to three months.

Newborn Pacifiers Poll

What would be YOUR favorite Pacifier Christmas Gift for the Newborn?

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Personalized Pacifiers - Ages 0 - 6 months

The Ideal Pacifier as a Chrismas Gift or even as an All-Occasion-Present for the Newborn Baby.

Personalized Pacifiers or Pacifier Clips with Baby's Name on it

My grandson Robbe, looses his "dental" pacifier while sleeping

Robbe's Personalized Pacifier

My grandson's "Papa is the best" Personalized Pacifier

Pacifier for the Sports Fan Baby

NFL New York Jets 2 Pack Pacifier
NFL New York Jets 2 Pack Pacifier

Silicone nipple on pacifier. Ages 3-6 months recommended.


A baby food Dispenser is very useful

Grandson Robbe's Food Dispenser

Duel Debate about Newborn Gifts

Would you buy a Pacifier as a Christmas Gift for a Newborn?...or?

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