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Niagara Falls & The American Falls.

Updated on August 7, 2014
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Who are all in USA from Bangalore.

Me and my wife went to see our children in USA there and during our trip this time seeing the worlds most sought after Niagara was on our list of priorities.When we were planning to go it was the weather that was preventing us or the work our children were doing.Days passed and we were nearing the back home journey.We had seen almost all places around NJ and went on pushing our visit to Niagara.My impression of this place was that it was a place like any other place where water fell from top to bottom like our famous water Falls like Jog in Western part of our state of Karnataka.Finally by the grace of god the weather was clear and it was Friday.My daughter who was determined to show us this Hercules beauty said pack your things we are going to Niagara.

We started early taking breakfast in one of American Restaurants on the way and it was a long journey but we did take a coffee break in three places and it refreshed us to continue our journey up to the hotel which we had booked.My daughter was dissatisfied with the hotel and its ambiance that she never took the language out of the trunk in the car.My son in law never hesitated to drive us to Buffalo and we stayed in a good hotel.

The next day after breakfast we set out for our long long wish to see the mighty river Niagara and the Rapids, we were told that there would be fire works at 7:30 PM from Canada side and it would be very good feast for our eyes.We went around many places around Niagara and had our feast for our eyes which we filled in our camera.I tasted the American snacks and it did taste good because I was hungry perhaps.We walked up to Rapids flowing with such force and we could almost would fall in to it if we try to go any near.What I mean to say is we were so close to Rapids.It was almost 7 : 00 PM when we had to rush near the falls to see the Fire Works.It was for us a sight we had never seen in our city so huge and in so many colors.I was wondering what would happen if such fire works were to be made in our city the whole city would burn to ashes.

You will be surprised to read here that my driver's son lives in USA and his mother works as house maid in our home.In Bangalore, for every home in every street in Bangalore one person a boy or a girl or a husband and wife are working in USA as many of them are doing any and every sort of research or high tech issues which cannot be perhaps be done by some other guys in countries where these issues are not possible by boys or girls from other places such as North eastern states due to their English language being cut off from compulsory Hindi imposed to learn and teaching medium in Hindi being imposed by the govt of earlier Prime Ministers of India.Some countries may not be teaching English.Now of course things have changed and English is becoming universal language.

What ever that has happened is history and seeing the worlds 2nd Largest Water falls which is 170 feet high and 1600 feet wide is Niagara which drops 4 million cubic feet of water which drops down 1600 feet wide in horse shoe dimensions 24x7 days and 365 days giving pure joy for millions of people who visit this wonder daily.The arrangements made by the people in American side is so very convenient even for people in wheel Chair also can rejoice the same view of the falls from any place they wish.We the visitors need to donate for the welfare of these people but the powerful country has left it to private parties perhaps or wish no such donation but tips.

We Saw today the most ' Powerful & Milky Beautiful Water Falls ' of River Niagara on the American side and the same River very mighty 'River Niagara from the Canadian side.To see from the Canadian side you have to go through the back door that is over water as you cannot as a non American or Canadian.citizen go and see American Water Falls at Canada and Canadian Niagara Falls from American side on land.

The Canadians can keep a 2nd Border Check Post away from the present position as their main check post and allow us to see the Water Falls on their land instead of going to see the water falls over water risking life in boats or for those who fear to go over water.They can allow visitors to go after complete scrutiny of their passport retain it and give us a token like in our in south India who keep our foot wear and give token and after receiving the same token.which they gave and return our passport.( this token system works for us in our temples but a fee is also collected by the person in charge.In some places they do not collect any fee and no one is in charge just as in temples in America that I have seen.)

I do not know if all the or many of the Visitors who come to see the world famous Niagara Falls want to know where from does so much water with such force come from.If they want to know do they know where to get the information.There is a big board with a sign INFORMATION CENTER well written but I was not knowing if there will be some body in there to give me the information.I also do not know how to speak American English in American ascent and I also know that my Indian ascent speaking English is like Hinglish.My own country people whom I see talking in the other Indian language especially Hindi do not wish to speak and do not show any sign that looks friendly.Their look gives me a feeling that they are thinking why is this man here or from which part of India has this man come from.They dress in local American dress but more tightly though.What to do and how to know the information that I must know. I had to ask my friend in India when he phoned to me and he said so much water that comes is all from a big dam that American's have built up stream and that dam's dam business is only to supply the water to the Dam.


  • Less than 10% of the water flows over the American Falls with the balance flowing over the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. Its the massive volume of water that flows over the Horseshoe Falls that gives its green color.
  • The average depth of the water below Niagara Falls is 170 feet ( 52 meters ) which is as deep as the Niagara Gorge banks are high.
  • The water that flows over Niagara Falls comes from 4 of the 5 Great Lakes:Erie,Huron,Michigan and Superior. From the Falls the water travels down the Niagara River to Lake Ontario then to the St.Lawrence River and finally to the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Originally202,000 cubic feet ( 6060 cubic meters ) per second or 5.5 billion gallons ( 20.8 billions liters ) per hour of water flowed over Niagara Falls.Now however,half of this water is diverted for power by the United States and Canada.

Searching on what to see in Niagara from America side.

The first thing that came up was a Hotel Skylon Towers which we have to go only from the side of Canada.Going to Canada my friend said needs a VISA.Having come from India and knowing how to get a VISA my hand reached my fore head on hearing the word VISA.My friend said don't worry it is easy you will get it in New York.I said W0w that's easy how much it costs to take a VISA.My friend said it may be around $200/- per person.There was no need for a calculator to calculate how many Rs. it would cost to get a VISA. It would be $200x4=800x60=48000.It was very near to the cost of us coming to USA so the VISA problem was solved instantly like a hot potato.

I asked my friend why are they charging so much just to cross the border.He said it's politics.I asked my friend why have our 5 star hotels not put up a Cloud Tower below $ 49.99 for lunch and $69.99 for Dinner from at least on American side here so there is no need to go to Canada,he said it's politics.I told my friend how is it politics here I thought all universities of Politics are in India.My friend said it's different politics in America we have only 2 party system and in your country even as we are taking there will be more party's than when we started our chit chat.

My Picture from USA side taken on 10/08/2013

My Picture of Horse Shoe Falls on the boat on the Waters of Canada.Picture taken at 3:00 PM on 11/08/2013

Can you see people watching on the top right hand side over the Falls.

Visitors in American Side watching Horse Shoe Falls on the River from Canada since they cannot see it on Land in Canada.

Niagara Falls Scenic Trolly.


Entry only to visitors with Valid papers.

Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls at Night.

Niagra Falls Maid of the Mist

American Rapids. ( My Video )

The story of American Rapids.

Take Care when you visit - Young man falls to death in Niagara Falls police chase.

My friend said we must go on this cruise ship and we went.

Should the VISA to enter in to Canada be removed.

Yes we all can write to authorities.

See results

I did not know.

That Niagara Falls is only 2nd largest in the world.

That if all the cascades in Hawaii if put together will look perhaps like Niagara.

That there is a No.1 Water Fall in this world.

That Angel Fall in Venezuela is the No.1 with 980 Meter height and 47 Falls.

The Angel Falls in Venezuela and Dalongqiu Water Falls in China may attract more visitors but the number of such visitors or any body talking about these falls is me.There are over 41 water falls in India but no one talks about water falls except Niagara Falls in Canada.In-fact we in India think that Niagara Falls in America. ( that is my personal opeion. )

Jog Falls - Karnataka's Niagara.

Biggest Waterfall in China This is no Niagara.

Shift Canada Border from Bridge to Sheraton Hotel up to 5KM

Shift Now

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Some Information.

Where to Stay to See Niagara Falls.
Contact Phone Number
What to see in Niagara.
Buffalo City
( For Niagara Falls.)716-278-1796
Maid of the Mist - Explore the Roar.
There are many Hotels.
( For Hotel ) 1800 hampton.OR
Cave of the Winds - Feel the Power.
Must Book your Room Early
$199.99 per 2 Large Beds.
Niagara Gorge Discovery Center - Discover the Past.
3 Days stay is good.
Free Breakfast.
Aquarium of Niagara.- Sea Life at See Level.
$ 1000 is OK only here.
Lunch & Dinner at 'The Grill'.
Niagara : Legends of Adventure Movie.

Friday,Saturday and Sunday - Fire Works at 8:30 PM from Canada Side you can see from American Side.

Amazing Fire Works.

Never forgettable.

Fire in the Sky.

Unseen in my Bangalore any such Fire Works.

This Fire Work is from Canada Side.[ Why not in America.]

In America they say it is to preserve and maintain 'Global Warming'.( I say this on my own assemtion after what my friends said )

Children will Love.

The fire works is only for 5 minutes and you have to wait from 7:45 PM in any place this fire works is so huge it will look as if it is going to fall on your head and it will make you to buy them but they wont sell it any where if you want to buy.

What else in Niagara?

  1. There is my favorite Gift Shop.
  2. Excellent walk on Turf for bare foot walking.
  3. Cave of the Winds Decks.
  4. Three Sisters Island.
  5. Top of the Falls Restaurants.
  6. Nicola Tesla Memorial.
  7. Cave of the winds complex.
  8. Observation Tower over Niagara River from Land 230-foot overlook.This also takes you down to the platform where you take your free plastic coat to watch the Canadian side Horse Shoe Falls.
  9. Rainbow Bridge.
  10. Visitors Center and Niagara Adventure Theater.
  11. Illuminated American Rapids viewing area.
  12. Aquarium of Niagara with1,500 aquatic animals.See the only film that represent ecosystems ranging from the Great Lakes to coral reefs.You can also enjoy performences by Sea Lions,Shark Feedings and Penguin Antics every day.
  13. Niagara George discovery center with 180o multi - screen theater showing 12,000 years of Niagara River with26 -foot Rock Climbing Wall.
  14. Niagara Legends adventure Theater.
  15. Terrapin Point.
  16. Niagara Falls State Park Established in the year 1885 which is a model to other states.
  17. There is a private Indian Owned Patiala Punjabi Hut making meals up to 11:00 PM.
  18. There is a good hotel right here called DAYINN.
  19. Colorful 'T' Shirts as gifts with NIAGARA prints
  20. No crowd is seen like a Circus in India.
  21. There is a Police Office.

Going to Niagara by Car.

Directions from the NYS THRUWAY.

From the East-Take Exit 50 to Route 1-190 straight ahead to Route 1-190.Follow sign to Niagara Falls.Cross Grand Island Bridges and take Exit 21 to the Robert Moses Park Way -

From the West - Take Exit 53 to Route 1-190 Cross Grand Island Bridges and take Exit 21 to the Robert Moses Parkway.

If you have and if you know how to set GPS on your cell phone that works better.

Have a Grand Nice Holiday.

Happy Journey and Safe Journey


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