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Nicholas The Patron Saint Of Nicolaitanes

Updated on October 13, 2015

The Founder Of Christmas Was No Saint

Greetings and welcome to our newest hub that we hope will open your eyes as to why Jesus Christ hates the deeds of the Nicolaitans, Revelation 2:6,15. If this is so than why does it seem to be a very important time of the year for Christians, on December 25? is this really the season when Jesus Christ was born. There are many so called Christians that claim that this is the right day but is it? I have already shown you in a previous hub that this Day is a Hoax and should not be kept by Christians. In this hub I will be submitting more evidence about who Saint Nicholas represents and why he is the founder of this day for Christ's birthday at the Winter Soltice. I have already shown you that it was Nimrod who had much to do with these pagan ideas of the Babylonian Mystery Religion, Genesis 10:8.

It all goes back to what Jesus Christ said about Satan the prince of this world in John 8:44 and why some "Christians" really keep this day to the Sun god of Rome. Jesus said of them ; 'You are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. Mainly this day had to do with a sexual perversion bequethed on humans because of Satan's perversion of humans, Romans 1:18-32, Revelation 12:9; 2:6 and 15. This perversion of Nicholas came about in the first century by the Greek Cerinthus the Nicolaitan in Greece. This teaching was well known in Ephesus and Pergamos and was a problem to real Christians in that Church era. This teaching still continues among many paganized "christian churches" today, Romans 1:18-32.

This teaching of this lie continues to be used to replace God's Holy Days and Sabbath Day by a method known as "Utilitarian deceit". Constantine Emperor of Rome replaced God's Sabbath and Holy Days with Sunday worship and Easter in 325 AD at the Counsel of Nicea. Christmas was also added to cover up the birthday of the Sun god Mithra, also known as Saturnalia and was adopted by the pagan Romans as a Christian Day for them by putting Christ's name on it to convert pagans to this paganized Christianity.

Utilitarian Deceit is the means whereby these pagan lies have continued to be used to replace the true work of God. This true work of God is shown in God's Holy Days which teach God's plan of salvation to us, Leviticus 23. Christ and his disciples kept them in the New Testament Church.These lies including Christmas or Nicholaitanism are Satan's gifts to us which hide God's truths. Lies are Satan's favorite form of deception. Placing Christ awesome name on this day is one of the worst forms of Satan's dirty deeds. Be sure to read the link about Christmas. Sexual perversions were very common in the Greek and Roman world and these evil practices have been passed unknowingly to us in the name of Christ by the great church named Babylon The Great, Revelation 17:5. God warns us to come out of these evil practices so that we do not receive God's plagues on us, Revelation 18:4-5.

Saint Nicholas was one of Rome's original homo-sexual priest who offered child sacrifices during the Winter Soltice or Saturnalia now called Christmas. Remember lying to honor Christ is a real sickness of utlitarian deceit. Jesus Christ never said to keep his birthday but to remember His death on Passover in 31 A.D., Luke 22:16-20. But some will say they do not offer child sacrifice anymore. Well, teaching children to follow a pagan holiday has much the same meaning. Besides the teachers of this LIE do sacrifice children and eat their flesh and drink their blood in these pagan "christian' churches today. Kevin Annett,who works with the World Court which is part of the United Nations has discovered this wicked practice going on today, . You can also see many videos on Youtube by him that discuss these wicked men and women. Many have been convicted at the World Court in Brussels, Belguim and wait to be put in prison if they can be captured..

This doctrine of the Nicolaitans is proof that Christmas is the high holiday of Nicolaitism and never was a real Christian Holy Day. God's Holy Days can be found given in the Old Testament as part of the Torah taught by the God of Israel - Jesus Christ in Leviticus 23. They are to be kept forever by those Christians that have been grafted into the Kingdom of God, the New Israel, Romans 11:23-32. These Christians are not part of Roman Catholicism or Nicolaitanism but are faithful to God and keep God's Feast Days. However, some seem to have a problem with other false teachings that seem to have them deceived about who the Holy Spirit is as a member of the Elohim Godhead, Genesis 1:1-2, John 3:3-8.

Rome's Christmas Christians were the Nicolaitans who offered child sacrifice on the Winter Soltice to their pagan God Mithra or Satan. They used children to spread their gruesome demonic custom. Saint Nicolas and Santa Claus are two different people. Santa really is Satan and the father of Babylonlism. The mystery of the Patron Saint of Christmas was no mystery then. They admitted the truth about what they were doing and it is a lie when they included Christ name on it. Nicolas was an early "saint" who acquired a new identity called "tradition" in the aftermath of the Iconoclast Wars of 847 CE.

Saint Nicolas was long known before 847 CE. He is the founder of Christ-Mass (or father of Christ- Mass). What we are told is that when he founded this syncnetistic practice between paganism and New Testament faith, it was known as a filthy and unclean and condemned to eternal damnation like Simon Magus the first Gnostic, Acts 8:8:20-34, and is recorded in the New Testament by writers of the true Christian faith, Revelation 2:6 and 15.

This mysthical character was actually brought to life by Freemasonry symbolism, looking back to Nimrod, the king of Babylon the founder of the ancient Craft of Masonry and protoype of the Anti-Christ. These all share in a common a man named Cerinthus who was looked to by both Free Masons and the Latin Church historians as the original author of Christmas. Cerinthus the Nicolaitan was identified by the Apostle John in person as the Anti-Christ in his day, since he was already in the world in Ancient Ephesus in Greece 19 Centuries ago as the founder of the Roman Nicolaitanism Church.

Today most do not know that this ancient religion worships Apollyon, Revelation 9:11 -Satan, as Christ ( 2 Corinthians 11:3-4) in the Solar Mass of Satunalia, and is not Christian. It is an ancient religion founded by a group of pagan people from New Testament times known as Nicolaitans. Their founder and and patron saint is the same one honored on December 25th. "Saint Nicolas" - Santa Claus or Satan. So we must careful not to mistake this phony Christ as the real Messiah. Jesus and Paul warned us of him and those that follow him as evil and demonic liars, John 8:44, 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12.

God's Word also warns us not to participate in anyway in such and evil practice that worships with the Pine Tree, Jeremiah 10:1-5, as a substitute of the phaelic symbol or male member. It fits uniquely in the Winter Soltice worship of the pagan Nimrod or Mithra on their Satunalia or Nicolaitanism.This is the evil practice of the Nicolaitans or the homosexuals with their perverted sex practice against little children by rape, murder and cannibalism. God's angel warns us to flee this evil abominal rite of these wicked Nicolaitan pagans. They still continue doing their evil deeds today and place Jesus Christ name on it and call it good, Revelation 18:4-9.

This "BIg LIE" hides the real "father" of Christ-Mass, Satan the devil, so don't be so easily fooled by such reasoning "that it doesn't really matter" as long as you do it for Jesus Christ on his supposed birthday December 25. Jesus said to the evil Jews of his day( who followed the evil Babylonian Talmud and Noahide Laws they brought back with them from their Babylonian captivity as new truths): "You are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do. There is no truth in him, when he speaketh a a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is the father of it,"John 8:44.

This article is really written for those that are usually unknowing of where this evil deception comes from and are not fond of being on the receiving end of such wicked deceptions. This article is also written to those dedicated to a societal deceit (utiltarian deceit) and have infiltrated America's evangelical/Protestant/ Christian Communties to decieve others with these teachings that they say are good. They do it mainly by making it a big commercial holiday to sell their wares through this deceitful means. They need to repent of besmirching Jesus Christ name when they place His awesome name on this teaching of the Nicolaitans, Revelation 2:6-15, for filthy lucre, Jude 8.

The important fact is that we are dealing with a major symbol touching on the Roman Empires Mystery religion, Revelation 17:5, hidden among Romanism and Freemasonry and practiced as Christian works, but is an unholy worship ritual which exposes St. Nicholas for who he really served- Apollyon the Devil, Revelation 12:9; 9:11. In some of the raw facts of history is revealed another story of Satan's quest for power over humans through his false and fictitious saints that never really existed but through more lies and deceit. Who they really were has been buried by piles and waves of lies and deceit. ST.Nicholas is one among these false saints in Vatican and Masonry history that has helped garner so much deceit. As a central figure to religious philosophies of power whose principle function remains in our day in an act of yearly deceit. Children are taught the association of deceit with both God and religion. Along with societies who's ethics is to persecute any who speak the truth against such lies and rewards deceivers who go along with them, "as it doesn't matter" as long as we keep it to Jesus Christ as His birthday.

Now if you are tempted to think this way remember to ask yourself these critical questions about Christmas: If you are a seeker and believers of the truth of Jesus Christ that he and the Holy Spirit(John 16:13) will quide you to real truths concerning this unholy man who really did live and was inspired by Satan as the "father" of Christmas. That he really did seduce little children and really was a liar just lke his father the Devil, John 8:44. So if you are a seeker and Berean Christian don't let these lies from Satan and Nicholas deceive you, Matthew 7:7, John 14:6, Acts 17:10-12. You can know the real truths and avoid their deceptive ways and plagues, Revelation 18:4-5, John 8:31-32.

These evil participants are mentioned in the Bible contrary to any claims of the Apologist (Apollo-gist, Rev.9:11) for the Solar Mass now called "Christ-Mass". Saint Nicolas and his followers are devoted to this utilitarian deceit and are in fact mentioned in the Bible. We have all ready shown this in the New Testament as a truth that Jesus Christ hates, Revelation 2:6,15. The claims by these "Christ-Mass" propergandist that there is no connection, has been shown to be and almost humorous denial and lie that has been invoked since the Iconoclast Wars of 847 A.D.. This Doctrine of the Nicolaitans is a syneretistic mixture of Ancient Babylon and Rome's licentious mystery imperial religion with New Testament faith. This same doctrine is taught today by teaching the same doctrines it originally taught with the same founder.

St. Nicholas is the Patron Saint and "father" of the Roman Solar Mass to Apollyon, now called Christ-Mass. He wrote this mixed Roman Satunalia along with several other pagan Roman holidays with Christ in them, and did so in an anti-semetic rejection of New Testament orthodoxy, as an apostate of the Roman Empire's practice of sexual perversion with children. This practice was inherited in these Roman customs of the season from Nero's Juvenenalia of which the historic Nicolaitans have naturally been incorporated and remain unto this day, Romans 1:18-32.

The claims that ancient Nicolitanism is not known today is a sordid lie. Even with admission these text mentioned in Revelation 2:6 &15 are as minimal towards this movement provides several undeniable facts deduced from Biblical reference themselves. These facts point to a clear unmistakable definition of something that is still with us today. It is still practiced in the name of Nicholas who was no saint but in fact its founder of a sexual perversion rite against little children..

So it is all very simple and so is the explanation as simple as it is fully apparent that Satan through, St. Nicholas is the "father of the Roman Solar Ritual" now called Christ-mass. Nicolas is the patron saint and the father of this movement. If you do not know anything past this, then this is more than enough to deduce the connection to the Biblical Nicolaitans movement and the Solar-Mass to Apollyon - Satan, called Christ-Mass. The key elements of sexual perversion against little children or Nicolaitanism will be easy to spot. Kevin Annett's court cases in the United Nations World Court show this very clearly and is a very great crime against humanity by these pagan churches that still practice this evil in Jesus Christ's name to their god Apollyon( Revelation 9:11, on December 25th. Check our link to Kevin Annett.

I hope all our viewers and Seekers of God's true Christian Way, who follow the real Savior of Mankind will take heed and take this Hub to heart. The very fact that some would so quickly accept this person Nicholas as the founder of Christ-Mass as a "tradition" shows that they are not well informed by their churches that claim this day as "good' when it is evil and the great deceiver has them blinded to God's real truths John 8:44, Revelation 12:9.

However, as this world speeds on to it's inevital destruction there is hope? The real Jesus Christ will soon return to save us and give us a brand new world where all these evils will not longer exist, Revelation 22:12-15. At the Start of the Millennium, Biblical Equality will be taught as a primary teaching for all humans to learn God's concepts of Love through our male and female genders, Malachi 4:5-6. Christians For Biblical Equality will be a major sorce for teaching equality as a necessity for right family living based on the role models of our Heavenly Parents, Philippians 2:5. Their Minds that are in Jesus Christ will be in us too, 1 Corinthians 3:16, 2 Corinthians 6:16-18. Jesus will see to it that all will know the good graces of our Parents through equality, mutuality, and harmony which will prevail in the family, the church and society for us all forever, Jeremiah 31:34, 32:37-42, Revelation 22:21. Amen



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