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Night vs Day

Updated on August 1, 2017

Night vs Day photo

Night vs Day

Everyone has heard the expression it's like night and day. Does anyone know the difference between the two? The differences between the two are something everyone can see. At night it is dark and during the day its light or most of the time it is. Although night and day are very different to some people they aren’t. What I am getting at are some people work days and some people work nights, this happens when people work shift work. When people work shift work, and they are on nights one month and days the next month, it does weird stuff to their bodies.

When you work nights, you sleep during the day, and eat at weird hours, and then why not just throw a curve ball into it and put you back on days. So when you are used to sleeping, during the day now you are working so what does that do to your body? It throws it off kilter and most of the time you will get a cold because your system is not used to the new things that you are throwing at it. Night and Day have limitless things going on just to keep us busy no matter what it is because everyone likes to be busy.

Now, what if someone doesn’t work shift work, and they just work days or they just work nights. What do you think that does? For example, I know that when you just work days, and your day starts early you may want to nap at some point during your day. Although you might think that a nap is nice, but will that disrupt your sleep throughout the night? Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t it just depends on the person. For example, when I write I usually write during the day, from nine am until two. Although depending on the day, I may write later, when I write later in the day, depending on the type of day that I had sometimes the ideas just flow out onto the paper.

Sometimes journalists do that when inspiration hits then inspiration hits. For example, if I try to write something during the day and it doesn’t work I will just put it aside and try to do it later. Most of the time when I do that, it works but after I finish something if I write it during the night I can’t get back to sleep because my mind is racing. But that is usually when I get my best work done. If you work for yourself, sometimes which is exactly when you do your best work gets done. This depends on the job you have.

For example, if you work for yourself you can make, your own hours and if you work better at night then you can work then rather than during the day. If you work outside of the house, you don’t get to make your own hours so if you can’t sleep during the night it is very difficult to get through your day. Although if you work during the day you might get your cleaning and laundry done better at night then on the weekend when you do have to time off. Every person is different so everything they do is different, some people can get more done during the night and we call those people night owls, those are the people that can get the things they need to do, done during the night rather than during the day like most people. Not everyone is like that, though, most people will say that they are more of a day person than a night person.

A quote about Night and Day
A quote about Night and Day

Night vs Day and its Limitlessness

What is the difference, between being a night person vs a day person? If you really think about it a day person is more productive at what they do during the day, like cleaning, working or laundry, and a night person can do the same things just better at night. For example, I am normally a better day person to get things done, but as mentioned above if I have been writing all day sometimes I can write something new better at night then I can during the day. Although this is different from person to person, so what works for you are you a day person or a night person?

Does it change for you limitlessly? The reason why I ask this is that it changes for me, and I can't be the only one, can I? Being limitlessly busy during the day and at night can make your nights and days run into each other and then they feel as though they are never ending. Have you ever felt like that? Or your mood can be calm and collected during the day, and then at night your mood can immediately flip into something more outgoing, and that is what people call night and day, the change in moods, which can be limitless depending on the person.

It can also be limitless depending on people's work schedules if people work nights they may be considered night people because that is when they get their best work done because they are accustomed to working nights instead of days and vice versa for people who work days. Your nights and days can feel limitless depending on what you do during them and how early they start as I have mentioned before.

An example of this is, On Sunday I spent the entire day sitting and because of that I felt as though the day was never ending since I wasn't moving much. Have you ever had days like that? or even nights like that? I have had nights like that, too when I can't sleep and I stare at the ceiling, that is when they both run into each other, which in turn makes each of them feel limitlessly long. However, if you are up during the night staring at the ceiling the night feels a lot longer then the day, does.

Or when the time changes, everything changes night and day, feel so off to people. It takes what feels like a limitless amount of time to get used to the time change of the seasons, if you have to deal with it, I have to deal with it and it takes me about a week to get used to the new time when daylight savings time hits. Which feels limitless when you are tired.

Night vs Day On A Beach
Night vs Day On A Beach

Night vs Day and Schedules

Night and Day can both be limitless, depending on the person. It can be limitless depending on a person schedule because they are all different whether it be a school schedule or work schedule it can be limitlessly different depending on the person. Which also means there nights and day can be limitlessly different depending on this as well. This is why night and day can be limitless.

Do you find Night and Day to be Limitless? Let's Discuss

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