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No Chimney? No Problem! Just Get a Magic Santa Claus Key

Updated on September 21, 2012

Can Santa Deliver Gifts to Homes with No Chimney?

Children have all kinds of questions about Santa Claus. "Why does he live at the North Pole?" "How do his reindeer fly?" "How can he go around the whole world in one night?"

And if you live in a condo, apartment or other type of home without a chimney, they want to know, "How will Santa get inside to leave my presents?"

Indeed, how DOES Santa Claus get into a home without a chimney?

If your children are asking this question, here's the answer.

Make Santa's Life Easier with a Magic Santa Key

For hundreds of years, Santa Claus has been delivering gifts after sliding down a chimney to gain entry to a locked home. So he's pretty good at it after all these years. But ever since they started building apartments and condos and homes without chimneys, Santa has discovered that using the front door is much, much easier. And cleaner, too!

He quickly realized he'd prefer using the front door, but how could he get through a locked door? Folks could leave a key under the mat, but then bad guys would know exactly where to look on Christmas Eve, and they could break in and steal all the gifts. Or everyone could send him a spare house key, but there's no way he could put millions of keys on his key chain. What to do?

With a little Christmas magic, Santa discovered how to turn an ordinary key into a magic key that could open the door. (Yes, I know you're wondering why he didn't just use magic to unlock the door. But it takes a lot MORE magic to do it without a key, and on Christmas Even he needs every bit of Christmas spirit to make sure the reindeer and sleigh can make it all around the world.)

So now, any time Santa wants to get into a home without a chimney (and even some homes WITH chimneys because it's so much easier to go through the door), he simply looks for a special key left near the door or hanging around the doorknob with a note for him. Then he sprinkles it with a little Christmas dust, and poof! the door is open. Fortunately, the Christmas magic only lasts long enough for him to get in, and then the door remains securely locked again so no one else can enter the house at night. (That Santa's one clever guy, isn't he?)

If you have a home without a chimney, you'll want to be sure to get your own magic Santa key before Christmas Eve so the poor guy doesn't have to search for an unlocked window or try to squeeze through the dog door. You can make your own magic Santa Claus key simply by adding a magic Santa key poem. Or you can buy a Santa Claus key like the ones shown here from stores such as Amazon. But whatever you do, don't leave Santa standing in the cold!

Do You Have a Chimney or a Santa Claus Key?

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    • FreezeFrame34 profile image

      FreezeFrame34 4 years ago from Charleston SC

      Brings back memories.

      Growing up, we didn't have a chimney, so my parents told us about the "magic key".

      Too bad they didn't market it; we could be the ones making money on the concept!

    • MazioCreate profile image

      MazioCreate 4 years ago from Brisbane Queensland Australia

      Good take on Santa entering properties without the required chimney. I'm sure he'd probably prefer this method 10 out of 10 times. Imagine the state of his suit by the end of the night. Maybe a hub on how he cleans the suit would be an interesting edition to hubs. Enjoyed the read! Liked and shared.