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City of Canton Ohio Police Department Not So Hard After All

Updated on May 20, 2014
Officer Shawn Peoples As Santa
Officer Shawn Peoples As Santa | Source

Canton is home to many well-known national landmarks like the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame, the William McKinley Presidential Library/National Monument, and the National First Ladies Library and Research Center.

What most people don't talk about are Canton Ohio Cop Claus sponsored by the Canton Ohio Police Department Auxiliary who adopt families and children every year to feed and award with toys hand delivered by Santa

How we do it.......

Once a year the Canton Police choose needy families and give toys to their children while they eat a prepared feast. The feast is enjoyable and the atmosphere is full of excitement and joy for all that attend. This special event is planned in advance and approximately 30 families are adopted each year. This year it was 35 families. The Canton Police Auxiliary surveys the communities for needy families every year in hope of renewing faith and hope in the minds and hearts of each family.

Usually in September the police officers begin seeking needy families throughout the remainder of the year as they do not use past families.They would love to, but giving new children and families a chance to enjoy such an experience at an impressionable age goes a long way and their is a budget to consider.

During the event the families, children and officers become a family of one that only care about one thing; making the children happy. The children have the best smiles on their faces and the adults smile as the children receive their gifts and grin when we see the tiniest of the children run from Santa just to come back for a hug. The magic that the holiday brings is what we all have inside.

Volunteer Cop Claus dedicated their time after the annual Christmas Gift Giving Affair to deliver toys to those that had no transportation. A gesture made using their own private vehicles.

15 Year Santa Saying Fare Well ....

Watching children’s faces as they receive toys for the holidays shows a soft side to Canton Police Departments Officer Shawn Peoples. After volunteering his services as Santa for 15 years Officer Peoples looked forward to helping children enjoy a holiday when their family was lacking . He knows the pain and confusion from being one of those children in the past himself.

His humility and integrity keeps him grounded and sensitive to the needs of others. Mr. Peoples has been a proud police officer for the Canton Police Department for almost 20 years and have been the gentle giant Santa for 15 of those years and is now turning over "The Suit" to his predecessor.

"Giving back and seeing the joy in the children's face brings a wonderful feeling to my heart." say Mr. Peoples in his powerful but humble voice. Canton Ohio Police Department surely has their hands full choosing the next Santa that will commit to the happiness of other.

The gift of giving....The gift of giving warms our hear and plant smiles on the faces of people who almost gave up on hope. You never know when you will get a knock on your door from the Canton Police, it just might be your turn to be amazed.

When I heard about this story first hand, I was touched and wanted to share it with the world. There are good people doing great things we never hear about. That is what heroes do. They give and don't ask for thanks. Officer Shawn Peoples is very special to me and this in only a small story about how great he really is. Happy Holidays Officer Shawn Peoples!!


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      alshawn 4 years ago

      Beautifully written story. Keep up the excellent work.