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Updated on July 8, 2011

Paranormal Experiences in our Home

Steve in the jungles of Vietnam
Steve in the jungles of Vietnam | Source
Picture of Slim  and Aunt Margaret  and Friend.
Picture of Slim and Aunt Margaret and Friend. | Source



I had many paranormal experiences while living in Owensburg in our house on Tunnel Hill Road. The hauntings began shortly after we moved in to our 20 year old house. It was painted a dark crimson red. Our house sat on a small hill in a wilderness that took you back to the 1800's.

My husband Steve, had been a combat soldier in Vietnam. He was promoted from private to Sergeant during the four years, he served in the 101st Airborne .He bravely served his country as a young soldier. He loved the beauty of Vietnam, the China Sea, the jungles, the companionship that he had with his fellow soldiers.

He was sensitive and cared greatly about his platoon. He'd nearly lost his whole platoon once during a battle with the Viet Cong,.They'd been nearly wiped out by enemy fire.

He survived the war, having been wounded by shrapnel, malaria, leeches and jungle rot.

He was awarded many metals for his bravery. He was haunted by memories past. and by the negative treatment, he'd received when he returned to the states.

He wanted to live out in the hills, far away from civilization. We would later discover that many veterans felt the same way. They wanted to live in the wilderness. They had little trust for people! They wanted to be left alone..Many Vietnam veterans had moved into our area!

I met Steve's Aunt Margaret when I was 18. Steve and I had been dating for three months. One weekend, Steve took me home to meet his family. Steve's mother died when he was eighteen months old. His mom died of toxemia, while pregnant, and the doctors claimed the baby died with her.

Steve was raised by his elderly dad, and his three doting aunts. Margaret was one of the aunts, he most admired. I liked Margaret right away.. She reminded me of "Ma Kettle", tough, spunky and plain speaking! She was a most interesting woman.. She related to me the following story.

Once while Steve was in Vietnam, Margaret, was informed, that Steve, once was given a gun without a firing pin, during heavy combat! Luckily he survived without getting shot!

Angered, she wrote to her favorite congressman, Birch Bayh demanding he do something about that! He notified the army and.never again, did Steve encounter that particular problem again. He was wounded twice, with shrapnel, in his neck and head.. He recovered from his wounds and eventually returned home to Indiana.

Margaret was 80 years old. Margaret herself loved living in the hills. She loved to walk the woods hunting squirrels with her Indian husband "Slim". She said, "she could outshoot any man". She also operated, and ran her own Jewelry business. Margaret was born in 1880, she knew a thing or two about survival!

She proudly showed me a picture of herself, stating, " I shot 18 squirrels, all in one day"! Sure enough, she had them all lined up, tied to a long stick! She hunted squirrels for food!

(I did feel sorry for the squirrels) She taught Steve how to hunt, and shoot when he was a young boy.

Margaret told me stories how she had always felt like she should have been a man, instead of a woman. I really admired her courage and strength. At the age of 80, she was now taking care of her brother 88 year old Willy. He was an invalid who had been bedridden for 9 years. He was to become my father-in -law.

Willy loved Steve's children and insisted they come often to visit them at Margaret's house. It was expected of .Margaret to babysit her great nephew Jeff age 4 and great niece Marti age 2. They were precious children.

These children were to become my stepchildren when I married their dad shortly.after meeting Margaret and Willy.

Margaret deeply regretted that she had moved away from the hills.Steve loved the stories his Aunt told him. It was now his dream to eventually move to the hills..

We would move to Owensburg seven years later. After we moved our furniture in, and unpacked our belongings, we had a surprise visit...

My new neighbor Jan came to visit us the very next day! She came over to greet us with a freshly baked white cake! She was friendly and I liked her at once.

She told us she had four children and a son Andrew, who was the same age as our son Dylan.. She was an open minded person. I liked that quality in her.I knew we would be good friends..It made me feel comfortable, knowing she lived nearby.

Jan lived on a steep hill which bordered our property. Her house was hidden from view.. In fact I could not see any of my neighbors, which was very unusual for me after having grown up in a city.

We moved into the house, in January during the cold dismal winter. I was 27 years old and our son Dylan was 3. My husband Steve, was not working at the time. He had recently been laid off for the winter. He worked as an electrician and heavy equipment operator. He was seeking unemployment pay. He would not work again until spring after the wet, muddy ground dried up.

Steve was not a happy person. He was moody and distant, and it wasn't too long after we moved in that I noticed some strange things happening in our home.

Lights would blink off and on.and a strange cold was prevalent in our bedroom. It was so cold in our bedroom, that sometimes when I would awaken in the mornings, I would notice "frost" on our newly paneled walls in our bedroom. Later I noticed black mold was growing on the walls.

One day, Steve decided to mount his war medals in a glass frame. He decided 'to cut up my velvet bridesmaid dress", while I was out grocery shopping. He mounted his medals on a square piece of velvet that he had cut out. He then placed it in in a 8x10 glass frame. He hung his medals in the frame on the wall, behind our bed.

One night several months later, we heard a crashing noise, behind our heads. We were startled out of our sleep, we'd suddenly heard the glass slide from the frame. It hit the floor. It was unbroken.

I was stunned to find Steve"s medals still hanging on the wall, inside the frame. We could not understand how the glass had slipped from the frame.

The glass fell to the floor. Something strange was going on here, something we didn't understand. Stephen decided to remove his wartime medals to the closet!

Steve had a collection of guns that he kept hidden in the house. He began stockpiling boxes of shells and bullets. He'd even bought me a 4"10 shotgun for my first Christmas present! He placed a box of brand new bullets for his 22' rifle on top of our closet shelf.

One night, about midnight, terrified we woke to a deafening roar! Steve desperately tried to reach for his gun. In his panic he reached behind the bed, but couldn't find his gun!

Scared witless, we heard bullets cascading to the floor in our bedroom closet!. Unbelievably, a whole box of bullets, had mysteriously turned over. The bullets were now pouring out in a steady stream, onto the closet floor!

The sound was unbelievable.The box of bullets as heavy as they were, had been pushed off the back shelf, by what seemed to be an invisible hand!

Steve searched the house. No one was in the house! The doors were securely locked. Scared and our nerves jarred by this incident, we finally went back to bed.

This was just the beginning.


One morning, around 6:AM, I awakened to a loud crashing noise in the living room. 'What could have happened now? With bare feet, I cautiously made my way into the living room.

Lying in my husband's chair was a large framed painting, of a wilderness scene, that my brother-in-law Paul, had painted.

The painting was lying sideways across Steve's chair. Some how, it had thrown itself off the wall in a slanted direction. This painting had been hanging on the wall for several years!

Just as I stepped forward, to retrieve the painting, something stopped me. I glanced at the floor. Sticking up, from the linoleum was a triangular shard of glass.The sharpest edge was facing upward. I quickly jerked out the 2" glass shard from our floor.

I was thankful, that I'd discovered the broken glass. Steve was still sleeping. I knew he would not see the embedded glass, when he went to sit down. His vision was poor. The glass would cut his foot deeply, as he sat down in his chair.

I carefully examined the picture frame. Only one corner of the glass had broken off. The rest of the glass was intact. There was no damage to the painting.

I felt this was no accident. For some reason I felt that Steve was being targeted. This was starting to get dangerous.

I didn't realize, then, that ghosts could actually hurt us!.


The last scary experience occurred, shortly after I experienced, the great white shark dream and the mystical experience that soon followed..

When my husband returned home from Indianapolis, he noticed something was different with me.. He noticed a glow around me. He said, "he felt a lot of peace, in the house"... He was in good spirits, but a couple days later, while seated in his favorite chair in the living room, he began yelling at me, demanding to know why I was smiling so much.

At the exact moment he yelled at me, the glass in the gray hurricane lamp that mounted on the kitchen wall, exploded into hundreds of went flying everywhere. The lantern itself, remained on the wall. Stunned into silence, neither one of us spoke a word.. I couldn't believe Steve's anger had caused the glass to shatter, but it did, and we never discussed what had just occurred.

I knew then I had a spirit guide or an angel protecting me.

Steve's anger was soon to get more explosive, and little did I know that my family and I were going to experience more terrifying experiences!







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  • Donna Suthard profile image

    Donna Suthard 7 years ago

    nwmedia, Thanks for sharing those awesome experiences! That is such a wonderful comment about your ghost kitty. I was so attached to my Pixie girl! Its comforting to know that they love us so much, to show up like to do, in this wonderful way..and the bank notes all laid out..Your husband and mine, believe us now!! I do so hope you write about your experiences! You are definitely psychic!!

  • nwmedia profile image

    nwmedia 7 years ago

    Hi Donna - that is such a coincidence, we also have a ghost kitty! My daughter and I have both glimpsed it many times. Last week my husband finally admitted to seeing it too, but that wasnt what really convinced him of the existence of the paranormal was an incident last week. A relative had left some money for my daughter, but as she was away we locked it in a filing cabinet in our home office until she came home. The next morning the bank notes had all been laid out neatly in a line on the office floor and the filimg cabinet was still locked! As we were the only people in the house at the time it really freaked him out. Ive had loads of incidents over the years - I really must write about them sometime.

    I really enjoy reading your experiences and it would be great to see the photos of your cat. Looking forward to your updates - keep up the great work )

  • Donna Suthard profile image

    Donna Suthard 7 years ago

    nwmedia, Thank you for your comments.. You have had experiences just like me.. My significant other was a doubter recently until the spirit of our cat, one night showed up. He saw her out of the corner of his eye as a black shadow. Later that night,, she pushed a penny all the way off our counter, and it dropped on the floor. The penny was in the middle of a long counter

    I caught a picture of her on my camera when a hail storm went through in January. This was after she died! I'll be writing a hub, and showing the picture soon.. You'll have to tell me more about your experiences..

  • nwmedia profile image

    nwmedia 7 years ago

    Awesome hub, I have also had experiences since I was very young. The last 3 houses I have lived in have all had some additional esoteric inhabitants - my husband was convinced I was mad until he had his own experience last week hehe!!!!

  • Jangaplanet profile image

    A James Di Rodi 7 years ago

    This is some pretty interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing this. I always enjoy reading things of this nature.

  • Donna Suthard profile image

    Donna Suthard 7 years ago

    Hi Tina! Yes I can do readings over the phone! I'd glad to help you! Thank you Donna

  • gr82bme profile image

    gr82bme 7 years ago from USA

    I will have to read more. Can you do readings over the phone?


  • Donna Suthard profile image

    Donna Suthard 7 years ago

    Thanks Tina! At the time I didn't know I was a psychic medium. I knew I was "Psychic". In my home growing up, in Va. there were things that happened as well, but not as much as there was at this house. It got worse. It had an effect on all of us..there's more to the story..

  • Granny's House profile image

    Granny's House 7 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

    Being a psychic medium it would seem that you would have felt the ghost in the house when you moved in. Have you since seen it or felt it?

    That was a scary story. I have had a few. It can be scary.

    thanks for sharing


  • prasetio30 profile image

    prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

    Wow.... it looks so scary. But I really enjoy this hub. I like something mysterious. I am glad to see your house someday. God bless you!


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