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Oktoberfest at Growlers

Updated on September 21, 2015

This past Saturday on October 19th at 3pm Octoberfest kicked off it's annual celebration at Growler's in Tuckahoe. There was food, music, games and a celebration that everyone could enjoy.

Whoz Ya Daddy is a popular band in Westchester. They also play in other places as well such as Manhattan and other areas. They are known for their music. They play recent music such as Pink "Raise Your Glass," and occasionaly they will throw in old songs during their shows like Journey's "Don't Stop Beliving." Some people who enjoy their music find out where they are playing and come out to go see their shows. This past Saturday they played at Octoberfest from 3:00pm-7:00pm.

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The food was reasonable prices. They ranged from $2.00-$5.00. It was your usually barbeque food but there was also Bratwarst and Germean Potato Salad if you felt like gettting something different. If you wanted dessert you had to walk down the street to Carvel because at this event the only thing close to dessert that they were selling was a Pretzel and by the time 6:00pm came they were all out. There were also all different types of beers that you could think of. So if you enjoy beer than this event was definitly for you.

There was a tent with long tables so people could sit down and enjoy their food. Their were also tents that sold food and beverages.

There were games for the little kids. There was a rock climbing wall, bumber cars and a bounce castle. Since it started early parents took their children to eat and play games in the day. Then at night was when all the older kids from 20-30 would come and have a drink and party. After Whoz Ya Daddy went off another band came on. There was no room to dance but it was still a fun time by all.

A lot of people who live nearby attend this event with their friends. It is a town event but the admission is free and anyone could attend.

It is such a popular event that the later you came the harder it was to find a place to park. Some people had to park down the street and walk because the lot of the place was full. As the event went on more and more people came. Some people hung out inside the bar and others sat outside. Some people were even standing walking and talking with their friends. It is an even that everyone looks foward to going to. Some people even came for the first time this year to check it out.

Octoberfest was an event for everyone to enjoy. It started on September 19th at 3:00pm and went until 11:00pm. It was also held on Sunday September 20th 2015 at Growler's in Tuckahoe. There was; food, beer, music and so much more. It was an event that everyone could enjoy. In the day parents brought their kids and the kids played games and ate and night all the older people would come and have a fun night out. It is every year so if you missed it this year come check it out next year.


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