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Office-Friendly Halloween Costumes

Updated on September 28, 2010

The office can be a tricky place for a Halloween party. Many office parties require that you stick to company dress code or ban excessive makeup. Some are right after work or during the day, making the logistics of a costume complicated. Plus, you may not want to be officially known around the office as a witch by showing up in a pointy hat. A clever costume can tap into your coworkers’ sense of humor while allowing your professionalism to remain intact. Here are some ideas for unique and office-friendly Halloween costumes.

1. Lighthouse

Wear black slacks, a white shirt, and a headlamp and you’ve got a lighthouse costume. Play up your inner nerd by standing very stiff and rotating your head from side to side. If you have any appointments at the office on the day you are dressing up, turning your costume into office-appropriate dress is as simple as removing the headlamp.

2. Cloudy with a Chance of Sprinkles

Dressing up as a storm cloud can be pretty easy too. Wear all grey (a grey suit can pull this look off) and create some sort of hat with gray cotton balls glued to it. You can use a shower cap or some other sort of hat without a brim. Carry a squirt water bottle and when someone asks you what you are, reply, “Cloudy with a Chance of Sprinkles!” Give a squirt from your water bottle to illustrate the point.

3. Go as a Co-worker

If you have a co-worker with a unique sense of style and a sense of humor, come to the office as your co-worker for Halloween. Better yet, collaborate with this co-worker and go as each other! What more fun could you have with the guy that always wears bowties or the woman with an affinity for colorful socks?

4.  Cereal Killer

For a quick and easy costume, dress as a Cereal killer. Get a blank t-shirt or sweatshirt and glue miniature cereal boxes all over it. Stick some plastic knives through the boxes for dramatic effect. This costume can easily be taken off for business meetings or put on quickly for an after-hours office party.

5. Chocolate Moose

Wear moose antlers on your head and carry around a basket of chocolate to be a “chocolate moose.” Handing out the chocolate will make you popular with your coworkers! This is an easy costume to assemble and wear at the office—although it might make talking on the phone difficult!

Image Credit: moresheth, Flickr



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