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Oh my Dasara In Mysore.

Updated on August 1, 2014
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Mysore Dasara 2014.

The untimely death of H.H.Srikanta Datta Wadiyar in the late year of 2013 has plunged his family-his wife,four sisters and their children in a deep crisis of legal tangle with the government of Karnataka,the question of succession,and the forth coming impeding Mysore Dasara a fest of world congregation of visitors who visited and are visiting the city of Royal Mysore since over 400 years.This year the Dasara festival is hangs in a pall of gloom with political leaders who run the Govt themselves wondering how to stop the rape cases which goes on every 30 minutes in the whole of the country. The Dasara festival starts in the Palace of the King and ends when he ends the festival on the 10th day. Now this year during Dasara.It is unimaginable how a festival of Dasara can go on in this year with out a successor being put in place of the late H.H.Srikantadatta Wadiyar.It was the king who provided the moral and a very high traditional core to this festival..

The Dasara Festival was started by the Wadiyars in the year 1610 in the previous capital of old Mysore a place 15 KM from present city of Mysore at the first capitol of the State Of Mysore at a place called Sri Ranga Pattana.At that time the King who ruled the State of Mysore was Raja Wadiyar 1.After the fall of Tippu Sultan in the Year 1799 the capitol was shifted to Mysore the festival was also continued to be held at Mysore. It has been going on non stop without a break since the start of the festival for 404 years continuously with some of their festivities which go on with the entire family privately.There was a public Durbar a Royal Convocation which was only for invites and those who would be honored for their contribution which needs recognition in the form of a title like "Dewan Bahudur" ( Meaning A Hero amoung his group of Minister ) which one of my relative who worked as his minister.

Why did the present late scion of the Royal family had no children.There is a curse by the Ruler of Srirangapatana his name was Tirumala and his wife Devi.Alamelamma cursed the family for to be childless and the curse had the effect ( ) Mr.Akshay gives the full research he has done in his blog with interesting comments.The curse was on account of the greed by one of the rulers who killed Tirumala.and chased his wife suspecting her to carry gold and jewellery.When she saw the solders she ran and jumped in the river caveri saying:-

The story of the curse:
Raja Wodeyar was the founder of the royal Wodeyar dynasty of Mysore. The Vijayanagara empire was in its full decline and Raja Wodeyar was one of its chieftains aiming and jostling for power. In those days, the Vijayanagara Viceroy named Tirumala held court at Srirangapatna and Raja Wodeyar was his vassal. Tirumala was getting increasingly wary his powerful feudatory. He hatched a cunning plan to invite all chieftains under his suzerainty for Hindu festival of Dusshera to Srirangapatna and put them to death. Unfortunately for Tirumala, Raja Wodeyar discovered this plot and attacked Srirangapatna and captured it overthrowing Tirumala and establishing his rule. Tirumala fled to a village of Malangi with his wife, Rani Alamelamma. This is where the story of the curse actually begins.

Raja Wodeyar wanted to take revenge against his defeated foe and hence ordered all the Tirumala’s property confiscated. Rani Alemelamma had brought with her all her jewellery which she would lend to the Sriranganathaswamy Temple at Srirangapatna. To reclaim these jewels, Raja Wodeyar sent his soldiers to Malangi. The soldier arrived at Rani Alamelamma’s residence on banks of Talakad. The Rani was taken by surprise. She put all the ornaments she could find in a chest and made a secret exit from the palace. When Raja Wodeyar’s soldiers barged in Rani’s apartments, they saw a dazzling apparition making its way towards the riverside. Sensing that Rani might escape, they pursued her. But by then the Rani had climbed a cliff that overlooked the torrents of Cauvery.

She cried to the troops in loud voice “Go tell your viceroy that in life in vanquished us but not in death. Honour is more important to us than life and he has tried to acquire it.” The with folded hands and closed eyes, she prayed to Lord Venkateshwara and said “O’Lord, if I have been ever sincere to you as a devotee and a faithful wife of my husband, grant me this dying wish that would be a curse for the arrogant Viceroy of Srirangapatna. –

Talakadu Maralaagali
Malangi Maduvaagali
Mysuru Dhoregalige Makkalagade hogali!

I curse Talakad to be submerged under creeping sands
May a cruel whirlpool be a scourge of Malangi
And the kings of Mysore suffer the pangs of Childlessness!

The curse being the cause of childlessness of the immediate past scion of the Royal family the present fight on the successor between the present wife of the late scion of the Royal family and the corrupt state govt setting eyes on taking away valuable things from the palace wants to take over the property and the palaces on the ground that all of it belonged to the people of the state of Karnataka since there is no successor to the Late Maharaja.

Mysore Palace Pictures.1.


Mysore Palace 2.


Mysore Palace 3.


Mysore Palace 4.


Mysore Palace 5.


The Throne of Mysore Maharaja.

The golden throne, which is the star attraction of the Mysore Palace and will be on display for public during Dasara brought from the treasury and reassembled amidst religious rituals and royal paraphernalia on the appointed day.

A spectacular piece of artwork, the throne underwent slight alterations in the 1940s. However, its original artistic and decorative features were not lost.

The throne is taken out and placed in the Ambavilas section of the main palace only during the Navaratri celebrations and is not on display for tourists at other times.

The Throne will be taken out from the security Room after performing "Homa." The timing of taking out the Throne is decided by the palace astrologer.

Mysore Palace - Late.H.H.Srikanta Datta Wodiyar.

THE SCION OF ROYAL FAMILY LATE H.H.Maharaja Of Mysore standing on the Throne during 2013 Dasara Celebrations.
THE SCION OF ROYAL FAMILY LATE H.H.Maharaja Of Mysore standing on the Throne during 2013 Dasara Celebrations.

The Wadiyars of Mysore State.

Under Vijayanagar Empire. ( From 1399 to 1565 )

  1. Yaduraya Wadiyar - ( 1399 - 1423 )
  2. Chamaraja Wadiyar 1 - ( 1423 - 1459 )
  3. Thimmaraja Wadiyar 1 - ( 1459 - 1478 )
  4. Chamaraja Wadiyar 2 - ( 1478 - 1513 )
  5. Chamaraja Wadiyar 3 - ( 1513 - 1523 )

The Wadiyar Kings.


( 1565 - 1761 )

  1. Thimmaraja Wadiyar 2 ( 1553 - 1572 )
  2. Bola Chamaraja 4 ( 1572 - 1576 )
  3. Bettada Wadiyar ( 1576 - 1578 )
  4. Raja Wadiyar 1 ( 1578 - 1617 )
  5. Chamaraja Wadiyar 5 ( 1617 - 1637 )
  6. Immadi Raja Wadiyar ( 1637 - 1638 )
  7. Narasa Raja Wadiyar 1 ( 1638 - 1659 )
  8. DoddaDevaraja Wadiyar ( 1659 -1673 )
  9. ChikkaDevaraja Wadiyar ( 1673 - 1704 )
  10. Narasaraja Wadiyar 2 ( 1704 - 1714 )
  11. Krishnaraja Wadiyar 1 ( 1714 - 1732 )
  12. Chmaraja Wadiyar 6 ( 1732 - 1734 )
  13. Krishnaraja Wadiyar 2 ( 1734 - 1766 )

Wadiyars Under Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan.

1761 to 1799.

Krishnaraja Wadiyar 2 ( 1734 - 1766)

Chamaraja Wadiyar 9 ( 1881 - 1894 )

Krishnaraja Wadiyar 4 ( 1894 - 1940 )

Jayachamaraja Wadiyar ( 1940 - 1950 )

After the death of H.H Jayachamaraja Wadiyar his son ascended the Throne and was very popular among the people of Mysore & Bangalore.He was a King but did never pretend that he was such and this made him popular more than ever.He joined political party popular during the time and was elected as Member of the Parliament twice.The politicians were so selfish that they did not know his power among his people and was perhaps he felt the stupid politicians were no match for his status and just enjoyed being President of local Cricket Club.The King as be was born as a king and died young leaving behind his wife - 5 sister and their children.His little sisters son Mr.Varchusvin aged 32 is perhaps take the palce of his uncle and people are waiting to see this happen sooner than later.

The Present crisis.

Mr.Varchusvin is a Lawyer and has spent most of his adult professional life fighting cases on behalf of the family related to inheritance and possession of property.Most of the cases are with the Govt of Karnataka and their is resentment against steps taken by the government such as the Mysore Palace Aquisition Act of 1966.Prior to enactment of this special legislation,the Supreme Court of India had passed an order directing the state government to hand over the portion of the palace taken over by it under the special legislation which is in violation of the guarantee given by the central government in concurrence with the state government, confirming full ownership use and enjoyment of all private properties as distinct from state properties belonging to the Maharaja of Mysore.when he signed the agreement to join the Republic of India inJanuary 1950.

It now seems like an impasse has been reached and the fate of world famous DASARA FETIVAL hangs in balance.The future of the royal Family is not understood by us the people of Old Mysore who would perhaps accept the Royal Family to rule the state than the present corrupt government.The old state of Mysore stan with the family of our late Wadiyar and we all hope the new government will take suitable steps soon.The people were expecting the king to choose his successor. But, his sudden death has put question marks over the survival of 600 years old royal family.

According to Mysore palace sources, Wodeyar had almost made up his mind on succession before he died. They say his nephew (sister's son) Chaduranga Kantharaja Urs who performed the last rites of Wodeyar on Wednesday will succeed him as the head of the Mysore royal family.

The royal family still controls a lot of temples and other religious institutions in and around Mysore. They also preside over the Dasara celebrations, which is a state festival.

The family owns thousands of acres of land and palaces worth several thousand crores in Mysore and Bangalore. The 650 acre Bangalore Palace grounds and the Windsor Palace in Bangalore also belong to the family.

Wodeyar was fighting a lengthy legal battle over the control of some his properties. His wife Queen Pramoda Devi Wodeyar maintains a very low profile and is not familiar with legal matters. She would rarely appear in the public when her husband was alive.

According to Palace experts, if she chooses husband's nephew Chaduranga Kantharaja Urs as the next titular king, the unbroken traditions will continue and the people will be happy that the Yadu dynasty will survive and flourish.

The Karnataka government, which now organizes the annual Dasara festivities, also wants the royal family to have a successor. The mourning old Mysore region is now is pinning its hopes on the Queen Pramoda Devi Wodeyar. They are optimistic that she will respect the sentiments of the people and appoint a successor to her deceased husband.

We Hope- We will see 2014 DASARA with all the splendor and remember our SDNR Wadiyar.

We Pray- That our Queen will be able to name a successor soon and live her life in peace.

Let there be peace in our palace from courts and countless politicians

Good Luck to Queen Pramoda Devi - Let Chamundi Bless her.


All his personal items in Mysore & Srirangapatana Palace inherited from 400 years.

This is a rare video clip featuring the immediate past scion of mysore royal family, Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar ascending the golden throne of mysore i

Only Palace in India a Tradition 400 year old is maintained.


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