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On a budget? Top gifts to get your toddler for Christmas

Updated on November 22, 2010

I-Play Little Roadster:

Now this amazing little toy, which sells on Amazon for under 20 dollars; which for a child is cheap! Especially when your not sacrificing durability or excitment factors. This toy, made by I-play comes with many interactive buttons and a moving map, which makes the toddler appear as if they are really driving. This little toy really sounds like an engine starting, a reverse noise, breaks, blinkers, a horn, an ambulance, a fire truck, a police car, and even TWO radio stations!

Mommy musts:

This toy fosters Pretend Play, Imagination and Sounds Recognition skills.

Age: 12 months +

 Fisher-Price Stand 'n Play Rampway Play Set

Fisher-Price has given your little one a thrilling toy in its Stand 'n Play Rampway Play Set - Evel Knievel lives... Yes, although this rampway set is meant to allow cars to speed easily down the twin ramps, this toy causes the cars to careen off the ramp that winds down the left-side of the structure. While your child thinks it is great fun to watch the cars fly through the air; although it's not good for anyone or anything that happens to be in the way of the flying car. This amazing 2 foot tall toy is sold for 39.99 in most online and retail stores.

Mommy musts:

This toy is for 18 months - 5 years, sex not dependant (yes girls can have a ball with this toys as well)

Although there is not much of an educational factor: this toy still promotes imagination and hand and motor skills (and a perk...its not easily disassembled)

The Yookidoo Flow 'N' Fill Spout

The Yookidoo is great bath time fun - better yet, kids of all ages will love it (well up to a point). The concept of the Yookidoo fountain is pretty basic it has an opening at the bottom with a small pump. The pump circulates the water to the top and fountain is put into motion. You can find this priced around 17 dollars (rounded).

Mommy Musts:

It is very quiet - if it wasn't for the falling water you wouldn't even know it was on
A variety of cups to catch the water (see the video)
Suction cups work great for attaching to the bath tub.

(Unfortuantely, It could be a little bigger; but sometimes we sacrifice the larger things for the awesome)

 Playhut Thomas The Tank W Caboose

This was a great creation of not only imaginative play, but also creativity. This pop up playhouse is mad of soft material so that your child will never get hurt playing in it (unless they're crazed, and well, things just happen). Here's the awesome, it's light and easily put up, and broken down; though the downside is it's quite large. So if you have a basement, or a big playroom; well this toy is perfect for your child! It's priced both retail and online between 39 and 49.99, so if you're looking for that "wow! thanks mom", this is it.

Mommy musts:

Gives you peace of mind and quiet time while the children are rampaging

Big enough for even the oldest big kid to play in it as well

This toy fosters imagination and creativity

Bazoongi Kids Froggy Fun House Cottage

Bazoongi is not a well known brand, but they create some of the greatest indoor playhouses ever; and even top kids II and Fisher-price, not only in durability but in space. The amazing thing about this product is not only the price, which you can find on for 39.37; but it allows you and your partner to play with the children, and offers enough space for you to sit in it; while your child jumps up and down and plays around. This toy is easy to assemble, and easier to disassemble; and has multiple uses: such as, a ball pit as well.

Mommy Musts:

Perfect toy that doesn't take up a lot of space, and can be enjoyed by friends and family together.

This toy promotes caring and sharing, creativity, and imagination.

Ages: 3 and up


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