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The Empty Chair

Updated on August 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Day, is a day that families and friends get together for that special thanksgiving dinner.

it's 3 O'clock in the Morning, I lay here thinking about the amazing Thanksgiving I had with my seven children,

Our thanksgivings consisted of my sons going out picking baskets of foliage of different colors, red, brown, yellow and gold. While the girls decorated the dinning room with any thing pertaining to thanksgiving.My Job was to slave over a hot stove cooking everything they liked. Each child picked out their favorite dish for me to make.The turkey was roasting in the oven with the ham the potato salad , collard greens with ham hocks, fried chicken ,green salad,ears of corn dripping with fresh home made butter,chitterlings with home made stuffing and my famous candied yams was completed.

My daughter came to help with the cakes and pies, I was glad to have her help because I was exhausted . I wanted to see what they had done to my dining room it was one of the most beautiful room I had even see in my life. In each corner of the room was baskets of colorful leaves of all color, my table was wearing a beautiful white table cloth with cloth napkins and my best china.

I had to smile because this day with my seven children had been amazing. Thanksgiving that year was the last time the eight of us was together, because my Edward was killed and this year his chair was emptyed. I lay here picturing his beautiful little face with the brownish eyes I had ever seen; plowing through everything on his plate.

My children are all grown up now with their own families they share this day with. I will cook but not as much food and decorate my home with beautiful foliage, with a superb table setting.

On this Thanksgiving day one by one they will come through the door watching the reactions of sadness on my face with a little smile. Each one will take the seat they was assigned years ago by me. Being a family together on this special day, we held hands saying our thanks to God. IT took a second for all eyes to focus on Edward chair, the empty one at the head of the table.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 4 years ago from Boston MA

      Happy thanksgiving to each and everyone. may God less ...jada67