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One Christmas Holiday Season Survival

Updated on December 6, 2011

What Does Christmas Mean to You? "Recognize Your Basic Needs Being Met"


What Does Christmas Mean to You?

I was never deprived as a child for Christmas. There were always toys under and around the tree as I grew up as a only child. I remember writing a list out for Santa Clause and getting everything on the list. Yes, of course, I was pleased as a child but there was pain in getting everything that I wanted as toys when I was a child. I mentioned in my profile I was adopted which upon looking back I am and was grateful because that means my biological mother loved me enough to give me life. Yes, my adopted mother provided but later after Christmas was over she would chastised me as a child by using her gifts to hurt me with her words. I am conveying to you is explain the meaning of Christmas to your children that is not all in your gifts. Remember, that Christmas is more in your love that you show.

Maybe, you can give the gift of true love, joy, and peace to your family and friends in kind words. Give the gifts of sharing pleasant words for memories through conversation. Sit down and break away to visit with family and friends over coffee or tea to reminisce. At home put on your favorite music and set around the table with your family. Enjoy a good movie or T.V. program for the occasion. You can treasure just being together in each other’s company. Create memories that you will remember a life time. Enjoy the season to know you are alive and have your basic needs met. The above mentioned list are a few things you can give of yourself as gifts.

You can give an elephant gift away for Christmas a gift you have in your home that you can now give as a gift. An elephant gift you don’t have to buy you give out of your heart. Why? because it is in your household and you can give it away for someone else to enjoy.

Give what you have as a gift to someone else out of love. Give of yourself with time in volunteer work. Or just give a Christmas card to say, “yes, I am thinking of you”. These are just some suggestions of gifts of love to make the spirit of your Holiday Season come alive to be remembered, So, now you can come up with ideas to add to your Christmas list?


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    • josua jun profile image

      josua jun 6 years ago from USA

      nice information. Not just a gifts of toys, but time to share in family. That is big gifts for Christmas. I agree with you.