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Online Birthday Cards

Updated on January 11, 2016

Online Birthday Cards Or Not

Online Birthday Cards

My sister just turned 52 the other day and I was wondering what to send her, I thought an online birthday card ,maybe 1-800 Flowers was an idea yet we are not realy that close where we send gifts to one another. Then the idea of an online birthday card, now that's the ticket I thought. I will not have to get out of the house and deal with the old folks that live in my fair little city and scare them half to death going to the Pharmacy to get a card. The online birthday card, electronically sent to Dallas , Texas Via Midland, Texas to her work.No, there is the problem, I would have to email her at her real job, you see she works for someone for a living, therefore that's considered a real job in my family. Well how can I get a card to her or a gift I'm already two days late, I can't kep up with all the kids in my parent's family , there are three of us that's impossible.

The Online birthday card , I go searching for an online birthday card, yet now and run into a barrage of free one's at that, but with all free things on the Internet you have to do something, like play hoops with a virtual basketball goal and make three out of five then click it takes you to diapers and your like what the heck is this all about, then click it , for another online birthday card, goes again to an online survey form for your kids college education, and a nice form to fill out . All I want is an online birthday card , then in small print you can have your online birthday card delivered as soon as you opt in or opt out of the college education sight,. I opt out and clicked the fine print and wham another ad for puppy food,no online birthday card yet I start laughing, my sister would not ge the humor of me sending her puppy food, Im still trying to get that online birthday card I allready spent 2 minutes typing and I'll be I will have it.

I have finally clicked my way to the original online birthday card and my typing to her was off, yet I got a deal saying I won 2 thousand dollars so I should be happy, so I said what the heck I could use 2 thousand dollars and click ,on my way to an online birthday card, I am back at a funeral home , that has such a deal on caskets that to get my two thousand dollars , I have to sign up for a catalog showing me my resting place when I wither from this online birthday card living nightmare on the Internet. I'm going on 25 minutes now because the ads are getting better and more realistic, and I forgot about my sisters birthday by then and started cranking up my guitar and loading the software, when all of a sudden, I lost track of what I had started out doing in the first place and that was getting an online birthday card for my sister.

THe trials and tribulationsof finding an online birthday card we go through, I sat there , guitar in hand, feedback in my earphones, and thought how impersonal an online birthday card really was , and proceeded to take off my earphones, and put the guitar away , let the computer just idle down and left the door unlocked to my house and went and bought her a six dollar card that had a DVD in it to put in your computer to relive 1959 , what happened during her birth year type DVD birthday card. I put the card in the envelope,signed it,and put too many stamps on it, so it would get to Dallas faster, and delivered it to the post office. How simple was that, it took may bee 30 minutes of my time, and no traffic, in the process.

I guess it goes without much thought that sometimes being online all the time as I am with work, that it's good to get out of the house and buy a gift than to send an online birthday card, and go through all that fun. Happy Birthday SIs!

Christopher Hyer 2.17.2011


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