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Mom's day flowers, what you should know.

Updated on April 5, 2017

The Big Flower Day

Did you know that Mother’s Day is by far the largest flower-giving event of the year? Yes, bigger than Valentine's Day. I worked in a shop years ago where the orders were so heavy the owner had to rent a refrigerated truck to hold the flowers until delivery. And that was a big shop with a huge walk in cooler.

Before Valentine's day this year, I wrote an article sharing tips about buying flowers. As a florist for twenty years and a shop owner my strongest suggestion was to call the flower shop directly rather than ordering on the Internet. My rationale was on the Internet you are talking to an order taker, a telemarketer who probably has zero knowledge about flowers. And your order will lie in a pile having arrived via the fax or computer. Making that personal connection with the shop owner or manager gives you a huge boost.

Pretty New Containers

Here are some tips that will help you order the perfect flower arrangement for your mom. DO browse the Internet looking for bargains and beautiful arrangements. Every year teams of highly skilled floral designers at the big wire services like FTD and Teleflora come up with new arrangements and most importantly new vases. They advertise these new containers heavily to create a consumer demand. It is how they persuade their filling florists to order these fancy containers. Selling those vases is lucrative and essential for the big flower wire services. Each year there are at least three or four new designs that get advertised to generate a customer demand.


A florist that is a member of a wire service must order these newly designed vases if she is going to fill those orders and be competitive with other flower shops in her town. Usually, there is a minimum order of at least 24 to get a good price. Boxes of vases flood into the flower shops during holidays.

It may burden small shops, but if customers start ordering that adorable watering can or daisy vase, the shop owners will not want to miss that order. I’ve seen these specialized vases sit around flower shops for YEARS because the small shop couldn’t unload all of them. It is a gamble for the florist, but you as a customer can find a unique container for your mom at a very reasonable price. At least one of the florists in your town will have stocked that adorable vase you know your mother will love.


Really? Let mom do her own arrangement?

So, DO shop for fresh new floral designs and vases. DON’T order flowers where the vase arrives in a box with the flowers next to it. You don’t need your mom to receive a bunch of limp flowers to arrange herself. The chain of care from the day of the cutting has everything to do with how long flowers will look healthy and vibrant. Leaving them out of water packed in a hot box is guaranteed to shorten their lives.

Just makes Sense!

DO permit the flower shop to deliver your arrangement the day or two before Mother’s day. Just imagine the chaos for a flower shop trying to delivery 400 arrangements on Mother’s day using a group of inexperienced part time drivers. Flowers ordered early are fresher, delivery is much more reliable, and your mom can enjoy them sooner.

Chocolates Too?

It is common for a wire service to offer add-on products to your flower order, such as candy. Let me just ask you a question about adding chocolates. If you are a florist sending out flowers and the order included a box of candy, where would you go to buy those chocolates knowing the cost of them is out of your pocket? Well, it would NOT be the town’s most exclusive chocolatier. Nuff said!


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