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Outdoor Ideas to Enjoy Your 4th of July

Updated on November 19, 2014
Photo taken by: Michael Coghlan
Photo taken by: Michael Coghlan | Source

The fourth of July is a period where we all can get together and delight in the mid year. School has been out, vacations are going on, and the climate is phenomenal. We realize that purchasing frozen yogurt and wearing sunblock are fundamental for this time of year. So what are a few actives we can do that will unite us for the holiday?

One way to have fun together on the 4th of July is to have a series of outdoor games. These games don't have to be a very expensive. A croquet game will work perfectly. Lawn darts are another example of something that will work perfectly. Yet another example would be to have a a scavenger hunt. These different games make people come together and bond during any of 4th of July celebration. Furthermore any introduction of fire crackers, while having fun outside, will make the holiday even more festive.


Since July is usually hot, make your fourth of July cool with a bit of water fun. Let children get out and run through the sprinklers and jump in the wading pool. Get yourself into a water balloon or squirt gun battle. Try for a dunk in the nearby lake. Appreciate the water and have a relaxing cool day.

Another idea is to make a special drink or food with food coloring. This coloring allows a potluck or meal to be red, white, and blue. The more festive the food and drink dishes are, the more likely it's going to feel like the 4th of July. People can even bring their favorite 4th of July foods. These foods may include potato salad, or hot dogs, or even hamburgers. What ever foods help make the group more comfortable getting together and celebrating the 4th of July is a giant win.

One of the least complex, yet highest gain, is with red, white and blue decorations. From napkins, table clothes, paper plates and more, a person can show off their patriotic side. A person can make their deserts with these colors also. Include star and stripes shapes for bunches of fun.


There are a lot of firework displays set up for the fourth of July. Simply search for entertainment near you and make sure the event is fine with your family and friends. Always remember that music, good food, and heaps of giggles with friends is the best way to see firecrackers to light up the sky. Also make sure to bring whatever blankets and chairs are needed. Often times outdoor firework displays do not provide these luxeries. Having a drink or snack may also be a good idea. Also make sure to leave the dog at home as the pup may get spooked. The last thing a happy family wants is to have to hunt down a scared puppy on the 4th of July.

An extraordinary approach to bring out the history of the holiday is to have everybody go to a reenactment battle. The excitement and noise is sure to bring extra fun to everyone’s day.

Spending time with family and friends is a great way to enjoy the holiday. Often times there is no better time than enjoying each other’s company. Hopefully these suggestions have made your 4th of July a little brighter and happier. If you have additional suggestions, feel free to leave those below this area in the comments box.

What is your favorite part of the 4th of July?

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