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Owl Themed Baby Shower

Updated on March 14, 2014
Blue Owl Baby Shower Party Pack (also available in Pink or Twins version)
Blue Owl Baby Shower Party Pack (also available in Pink or Twins version) | Source

Owl Baby Shower Ideas

Choosing a baby shower theme is the first step in the planning process and one of the most popular choices for the past few years has been an owl baby shower theme. Perhaps you were inspired by Mom's love of nature, the adorable owl partyware patterns that are available or by the fact the baby's nursery will feature an owl theme, no matter what the reason, your guests are sure to have a "hoot" if you follow the tips and use some of the ideas on this hub!

If you are looking for a simple, fully-coordinated party, consider buying the baby shower party pack shown to the right. It is available in blue, pink, or a twins version from Baby Gifts & Gift Baskets and it also comes packed for 16 or 32 guests. Shop for owl baby shower supplies now!

As I was perusing the web looking for inspiration of my own, I found the amazing Owl Baby Shower collage shown below at They have tons of owl themed baby shower invitations and I love that this inspiration board covers all aspects of the shower from the invites to the dessert and decor.


Baby Shower Invites & Décor

If you choose to buy a party pack like the one shown in the intro photo, most likely the invitations will be included so that they coordinate perfectly with the tableware, personalized banner and other shower décor. However, you may decide that you'd like to use your creative side and make your own invitations. If that is the case, be sure to check out the Youtube video below that gives step-by-step instructions for creating adorable owl-themed invitations. Use a saying like "Whooo.....Whoooo Will Coming Soon" or "Look Whoo's Having A Baby". Both are a fun addition to owl baby shower invitations.

The party décor for an owl shower is best created around a woodland motif so be sure to use lots of natural elements like centerpieces made of branches. Then you can hang either hand-crafted felt (see the image below for a sample idea) or construction paper owls from the branches and from the chandeliers at the party. Small birds nests are also a cute addition to the tree branches to make it look more natural.

Of course, mylar balloons, streamers, and personalized banners are also a great addition, especially if they have an owl or woodland motif.

How To Make Homemade Owl Invitations

Adorable Felt Owl Decorations!!
Adorable Felt Owl Decorations!! | Source
Candy Owl Cupcakes (
Candy Owl Cupcakes ( | Source
Decorated Owl Cookies (
Decorated Owl Cookies ( | Source
Owl Cookies (
Owl Cookies ( | Source
Blue Owl Shower Cake (
Blue Owl Shower Cake ( | Source
Owl Smores (
Owl Smores ( | Source
Owl Cheese Appetizer (
Owl Cheese Appetizer ( | Source

Owl Themed Party Food

No owl baby shower is complete without some adorable owl inspired party food. To the right, you can see all kinds of fun food ideas....mostly for dessert, but use your creativity to come up with some other ways to incorporate these ideas into appetizers as well. For example, how about some deviled eggs that are decorated with black olives and a small orange carrot to create owl faces.

The owl cupcakes shown to the right are made from chocolate cupcakes that have been decorated with split-open chocolate Oreos, Reese's pieces, and candy cute!! Many online shops sell cut-out cookies that are shaped like owls or you can make them at home yourself. If you want the cake to match your partyware, just take a sample to your local baker and they can certainly use fondant to create a similar design on top the cake.

As for the owl smores, you can get step-by-step instructions for creating these beauties at Living Locurto. They are SO easy to make! The instructions for the cheese appetizer is also available online. Again - quick and easy, but it certainly lets guests know that you've paid attention to every detail when planning this special shower.

Below you can see the fun and festive owl tableware that is party of the Happi Tree motif available from Amazon. By utilizing owl-themed plates, napkins and cups in conjunction with the owl themed foods presented here, you'll impress your guests with your ability to carry your theme through to every aspect of the baby shower.

Adorable Pink Owl Inspiration Board

I found the following inspiration board on the Cake Blog and I couldn't resist adding it to this hub. I just LOVE the use of paper lanterns and the little pink felt owls to use as decorations throughout the shower.

And the pink, red, and white color scheme would make this a great choice for a February or Valentine's Day inspired shower as well.

Pink Owl Baby Shower Inspiration
Pink Owl Baby Shower Inspiration | Source
Owl Baby Gift Basket
Owl Baby Gift Basket | Source

Owl Baby Shower Gifts

The perfect gift of course should have an owl theme if possible. There are several possibilities ranging from an owl themed baby basket like the one shown to the right to an owl character security blanket to a little onesie with an owl motif. Another fun option would be an owl embellished diaper cake that can do double duty as both the shower gift and a centerpiece on the buffet table.

And don't forget to tie the theme into the guest favors if possible. Online you can find several companies that sell personalized favors that have the theme you are looking for.

What Do You Think of an Owl Baby Shower Theme?

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  • Nicole S profile image

    Nicole S Hanson 5 years ago from Minnesota

    Owls are so popular right now, so I could totally see this theme blowing up and being big!

  • partypail profile image

    PartyPail 5 years ago from

    I love these ideas! The owl cupcakes with Oreo's and Reese's Pieces are adorable, and look easy enough that anyone can make them. Thanks for sharing!

  • Pinkchic18 profile image

    Sarah Carlsley 5 years ago from Minnesota

    These are all really cute ideas! The owl theme is really unique amd you've shown there's lots of ways to pull it off. Nice hub!