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Pamper Parties for Girls - How to Hold a Pamper Party

Updated on March 14, 2016

Pamper Parties for Girls

Pamper parties for girls are a great idea. They're easy to arrange, suitable for girls from around age 8 all the way to early teens, plus as they generally involve playing around with hair and make up they're bound to be a winner.

Girls party ideas for age 8 upwards can be a problem. By this age you certainly don't want 30 of their class mates round playing pass the parcel in the living room (and to be fair, by age 8 kids don't want this either).

Generally the next step in girls birthday parties is to bring the numbers down and do some sort of activity which is fine, but even with only 8 - 10 children the cost of taking them out anywhere can be prohibitive.

Pamper Parties for Girls

So how do you balance your child's wishes for a great party, with the need to keep the costs down? The answer is to do it yourself, and there are a wide range of themed parties that are easy to arrange at home, with very little outlay - one of which is pamper parties.

The first thing to do when organising a pamper party for kids is decide what elements you want to include. There are lots of DIY pamper party ideas to choose from including activities based around hair, make up, nails and temporary tattoos.

It's best to stick to two or three activities rather than trying to cram everything into the party as otherwise you may risk running out of time.

Kids Pamper Party Ideas

Whether you're arranging a teenage pamper party or one for younger girls you want to make it as easy for yourself as possible ~ which means putting boundaries in place as to what you are going to do at the party.

It can be a fun idea to have a theme for the party i.e. Hollywood, fairies, princesses, rock chick etc - then the party attendees can dress for the party and the pampering can be geared towards the theme.

Once you've chosen the activities you want to include think carefully about the order in which you are going to do them. For example if you were doing nails, hair and make up it would make sense to leave the nails until last, otherwise it's unlikely they'll be dry enough to do the hair and make up.

Have a few things such as moisturiser or lip balms that smell divine ~ kids love that sort of thing.

Temporary tattoos are a good idea for pamper parties as they are a quick activity and there are a wide variety to choose from such as Butterfly Tattoos.

Another top tip is to have a digital camera to hand and take pictures of all the girls once they are all pampered ~ these can be emailed after the party to remind all the girls how great they looked.

Get Other Parents to Help

It's always much easier to hold this sort of party if there is more than one adult available to help so if you can rope in some extra pairs of hands, do so.

If they can't help on the day ask if they have any half empty bottles of nail polish, or hair accessories they could donate for the party ~ there's no point buying everything new if you don't have to.


Other Suggestions for DIY Parties

There are plenty of others ideas for DIY parties i.e. jewellery making, cupcake decorating, card making, felt flowers etc.

With any party you want to make sure that the theme is continued as far as possible i.e. to the cake and party bags.

Cakes can be themed quickly and cheaply with cake toppers and there are plenty of ways to find cheap party bag fillers if you know where to look.


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    • thebookmom profile image

      thebookmom 6 years ago from Nebraska

      Love the advice about order. We've been wanting to try this we just might now.