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Paradise of Fun in Frederick Maryland is a Great Place to Throw a Monster Truck Birthday Party!

Updated on June 6, 2011

I am a fan of the "at home" old fashioned birthday party. However, if you have an active child (and the extra money to spend) then Paradise of Fun in Frederick, Maryland is a great place to throw a birthday party. Paradise of Fun (which, by the way, is located inside the Francis Scott Key Shopping Mall) is a large, family owned, fitness fun zone. In a nutshell, it is a large room filled with all types of moon bounces, games, slides and even a basketball hoop. Since my son is a HUGE fan of bouncing and jumping, Paradise of Fun seemed to be the perfect location for his 5th birthday celebration.

Having a great time at Paradise of Fun!
Having a great time at Paradise of Fun!
Inside a giant whale!
Inside a giant whale!

You Can Still Have a Theme Party!

Most children like to have a theme party. If you have some spare time, please visit my Strawberry Shortcake, Halloween, Dinosaur and John Deere Birthday Party Hubs! Trust me when I say you will find many money saving tips, games and birthday party decorating ideas!

One of the wonderful things about Paradise of Fun is that even though you are not at home…you can still throw a theme birthday party for your child. Paradise of Fun provides a large room for you to decorate (any way you wish!). The private room has six large tables (complete with red plastic table coverings), a small air hockey table, and a stereo that plays age appropriate music. You will also be assigned one staff member to assist you. The staff member that we were assigned did a wonderful job. He played party games with the kids (such as Simon Says), passed out juice boxes and cake and even helped when it was time to clean up. It is important to note that organization is key when throwing a party at Paradise of Fun. Due to the small window of time between events, it is important that you are able to set up (and clean up) in about fifteen to twenty minutes. If you run over your allotted time, the people who have rented the room after you will not be happy (speaking from experience!).

Monster Truck Party!

My son, Robert, is a huge fan of monster trucks. Therefore, I was not surprised when he wanted a monster truck birthday party. I purchased generic monster truck birthday plates, monster truck balloons (as well as star shaped Mylar balloons) and of course, he had to have a monster truck themed birthday cake! The color scheme for this particular party was red, yellow, orange, black and silver (see picture). I purchased all of the balloons (at a large discount) on the internet. One day before the party I took the balloons to my local party store and they inflated them for me…all I had to pay for was the helium.

As for the cake...well, I simply ordered a chocolate cake with chocolate icing (Robert's favorite). I had them leave the cake totally plain (no writing, flowers, etc). I then made a hill/ramp out of Rice Krispie Treats and covered it with chocolate icing. I crumbled several graham crackers and spread them on a small section of the cake (to look like sand or dirt). Finally, I placed several monster trucks and cars on the cake. Your local dollar store or Toys R Us should have a nice selection of both. All of the children at the party LOVED the cake. Not only did it look "cool" it tasted wonderful as well.

Monster Truck Goodie Bags
Monster Truck Goodie Bags

Gotta Have Goodie Bags!

What kid doesn't love a goodie bag? They are the perfect ending to a fun filled birthday party. Goodie bags can be simple or extravagant (see my Dinosaur Birthday Party Hub for some "Out of this world" dinosaur goodie bags!). It all depends on how much money you want to spend and how much time you have.  For Robert's Monster Truck Party we decided to go relatively simple. I purchased shiny red bags at the local craft store (they look like lunch bags) and some monster truck stickers. I placed a large sticker on the front of each bag and sealed them with an "I Love Monster Trucks" sticker on the back. Simple, yet adorable! I filled each bag with small items such as ring pops, monster trucks (found at the dollar store), tattoos, stickers, small bouncing balls and bubbles. Speaking of bubbles…Paradise of Fun has a bubble machine that they will turn on during your child's party (it blows thousands of bubbles…which of course, the kids loved).

So there you have it. If you live in or near Frederick, Maryland and are looking for a great location to throw a fun and exciting birthday party then I suggest you take a look at Paradise of Fun. Yes, you will have to spend some money but not having to clean (and re-clean) your home after hosting a group of enthusiastic young children might just be worth the price. Here's to happy birthday celebrations and making wonderful memories.



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    • Edward Kirk profile image

      Edward Kirk 6 years ago from Maryland

      I want to go there for my next birthday. Great hub!!!