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Paragliding in Turkey

Updated on July 24, 2013


Paragliding in Turkey has become a popular holiday activity for many tourists who visit this beautiful mountainous country on the Mediterranean Sea. The calm weather conditions in Turkey combined with the high terrain provide ideal paragliding conditions, and as long as you are reasonably fit and not too nervous about heights, you will be able to participate in this exciting sport.

One of several resorts in Turkey that is well-known for paragliding is the seaside resort of Olu Deniz. This town is surrounded by resplendent mountains on three sides which make it a popular destination for serious paragliders and also visitors who can take a first jump with an experienced instructor. When holidaying in Olu Deniz, you will be able to book a paragliding jump for around €100 from April through to November.

Breathtaking Aerial Views

Tandem Jumps

There are a number of companies in Olu Deniz that offer the opportunity to jump in tandem with an experienced paragliding instructor. The instructor will take control of the jump, so all you have to do is take note of the instructions he gives you before you start out, and basically remain calm. If the instructor thinks you are too nervous he may refuse to jump with you, and suggest you come back when you are feeling calmer. However, do not be afraid to attempt to jump because of nerves; many people find that once they are airborne the nervous feelings disappear, as the spectacular sight and beauty of the Earth below makes any feelings of anxiety fade into the background.

Many people who experience paragliding in tandem with an instructor go on to take up this exciting sport seriously, and may later even become instructors themselves. They find that after they have have jumped with a instructor, they want to experience the thrill of jumping alone.

A Tandem Jump

Safety Measures

As with any other potentially dangerous sport, safety must be the most important consideration for the company selling paragliding jumps, and it is also your responsibility as an individual.

You might feel nervous about jumping, but you should never have an alcoholic drink or two beforehand to calm your nerves. If the instructor thinks that you have been drinking alcohol he will not allow you to fly. You will have to come back another time when you feel braver, and can perform the jump without Dutch courage. Do not be insulted if you're turned away because the instructor feels that you are not fit enough; as the company is only operating in everyone's best interests.

If you have questions that you wish to ask the instructor about the flight and you feel he is not providing adequate answers, then you should choose another company who are more willing to respond to your questions.

Before going on a paragliding jump as a tourist, speak to other tourists who have already jumped, as they may be able to offer you advice about picking the best company for your first jump.


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