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How to plan a Birthday Party for kidsand the Checklist for planning

Updated on November 27, 2011

How to do a party checklist

So you are planning to have a party and have'nt got a checklist.Well don't stress I'm here to help.

Planning a party is much the same as going on holiday. The only difference is that you have to clean up afterwards.

So where do you start. Well first of all you need to figure out what type of party you are going to host. Is it for kids, a retirement, a roof wetting, a baby shower or just a bunch of your mates around for a Saturday game on the telly.

Party Checklist categories.

Your party checklist will consist mainly of the following headings.

Who will be coming?

What Food and Drinks?

What will the venue need?

What to do on the day?

What to do before the day?

What to get for the party?

Who will attend your party?

1. Arrange a list of who you will be inviting to your party and get theri contact details ready.

2. Be prepared to write an invitation to the parents of the kids for handing out at school or for adult gatherings prepare to send an email or make the necessary telephone calls.

3. If it is a kids party, you need to remember to get assistance on the day from a few friends or family or other parents and will need to confirm their availability on the day.

4. Try and do this part at least two weeks before so that you can figure out how many people you will be entertaining.

Party Food and Drinks

1. Do you have a cake and birthday candles.

2. Do you have drinking glasses, cutlery, paper plates, napkins and tooth picks

3. Decide whether your meals are mainly finger snacks, a large meal or birthday party snacks for kids and plan accordingly.

4. For adults you will need to arrange the ingredients list, the drinks, a few snacks whilst the meal is being prepared, a method to keep everything warm at once and something to pakage leftovers in.

5. For kids parties it is usually easiers to prepack bags from a bulk bag so that each child receives a party pack of sorts on arrival and then this limits the sweet intake and allows you to place the larger foods on the table for the adults and leaves space for the cakes and chips and coldrink cups to be placed.

6.For sports gatherings, it is always easier to bring out snacks in stages and cold snacks usually work best in these situations as preparation can be done the day before and palced in refridgeration.

How to set up the venue

Larger gatherings usually require the help of a few friends or family to make sure that everything runs smoothely as it si difficult to give attantion to so many happeniigs at once and you should be available to just be the host on the day.

1. Arrange adequate refuse containers.

2.Arrange adequate standing and seating areas.

3.Make sure bathroom supplies have been replenished and it is always advisable to have more than one handtowel.

4.Always keep a bucket of soapy water handy for those mishaps.Its bound to happen.

5. For kids parties, remove all everyday toys to prevent arguments and add team sports goods like table tennis, volleyball, footballs, frisbees and hire a few climbing gyms if possible.

6. For adults a hired pool table, card table and darts are always good for party converstaion and keeping groups occupied.The visitors kids are usually quite happy with Tv games and board games for a few hours and cartoons for kids on dvd.

7. A large tin bath filled with ice for the beverages and placed outdoors limits the foot traffic through your home if you are worried about that.

8.Paper plates are easily disposable for any function outdoors and easier for clearing clutter.

Setting up a party.

1. Make sure that you have catered for parking arrangements and informed your neighbors of any potential problems beforehand.

2. Allow some time to get anything you have forgotten from the staore.

3. Remove clutter to a room that you can close until after the party.

4. Prepare the tables for your food and a table for the drinks.

5. Ask those helping you to be there an hour or two before starting time to help set up.

6. Dont forget to wrap any gifts.

7. Have a medical aid kit available for just in case and keep it on top of your fridge.

8. Have a place for coats to be left for visitors.

9. Clean and set bathrooms.

10 Set party decorations and balloons.

The day before the party

1. Have you confirmed who will be attending.

2. Have all the suppliers been confirmed and arrival times confirmed.

3. Have you purchased all the food and drinks.

4. Do you have all the refuse containers.

5. Do you have all the party favors and cake arranged.

6. Do you have adequate eating utensils and drinking glasses for your guests.

Your Party shopping List

1. Snacks and dips.

2. Party favors and streamers.

3.Birthday cake and candles

4. Gift, wrapping paper and celotape.

5.Cold drinks and alcoholic beverages.

6. Napkins, paper plates, napkins and toothpicks for snacks.

7.Sauces and spices.

8. Kids party snacks and bags

9.Cleaning goods and refuse bags.

10. First aid supplies.

11. Bathroom cleaning supplies.

12. Party decorations and balloons.

13. Disposable cameras for each kid or guest to take photos.collect at the end of the party and develop.

The Party List

This party list should give you a good idea on the direction you will need to take in plannig that perfect party.Dont forget to be a good host though and make sure to get help form a few friends and family members so that you can enjoy yourself.

Have fun and party.

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    • Dale Nelson profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale Nelson 

      9 years ago from South Africa

      Thanks Bingskee.Gald to hear it will be helpful for the third year.

    • bingskee profile image


      9 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

      oh, this is late! i had the big party last two years! kidding aside, this is a neat list.


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