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Party Ideas Just in Time for Gaduation!

Updated on June 3, 2011

I still remember when I graduated from high school in 2009 I was so happy and excited to finnally finish high school, still I can't deny it those were the most four memorable years in my life. I wanted to write this hub about how to celebrate a graduation the right way for a change. These fun ideas will really make any ones graduation party more awesome and memorable just like mine did.

Sail Away Into your next Epic Adventure

Ready, Set, Sail! Why not create your own happy ending story around the ones you love? many fairy-tale stories end with the heroine riding, sailing, or going off into the sunset. Why not rent a boat for the night and host your own dinner on-board. What is exciting is that you can enjoy the views and sights from a totally new perspective you have never imagined you would see. This party idea will make you say Ahoy to your future!

Add a Candy Bar!

Another great idea to do for anyone's graduation party or your own is to add sweet and scrumptious spot to your backyard party by mixing and matching your high school colors with your college's in the style of M&M's! Make sure you get tons of different veriat, but keep the chocolates in a cool area. A great gift idea is you can put the chocolates inside a special box that you created or bought is also a great keepsake gift that your friends will treasure forever.

Have a Relaxing Party

Now this type of partying is my most favorite. Invite your friends over to your house for a fun night of kareoke, board games, and a throwback to your childhood! You can rent old movies, watch old cartoons, play the quija board. But there is surely one thing every party guest has to do, is to go to the party dressed in the clothing of the college they are attending in the fall, if you still have not thought about that then it is a good time to announce it to your friends so you can come up with ideas.

Brunch for Graduates

You might want to try this out after all of the BBQ and dinners, you might still long to eat some yummy breakfast food. Invite all of your friends over (to a diner restaurant or home) in their pijamas instead of their clothes and order only only breakfast. It will be just like if you woke up from a sleepover, but instead of being sleepy in the morning you will be well-rested.

Amusement Park Thrills

Feel in the need for a little thrill? Take you and your friends for a thrilling day at an amusement park like Knott's, or Six Flags! You can even make a scrapbook with photos of your day at the amusement park.

A Luau Party

In my high school they have a tradition were every year they do a Luau Party for all of the seniora graduating from high school. I still remember when I went to my senior Luau Party, everyone got to wear Hawaiian leis and sip lemonade, Your party guests can wear grass skirts, use coconuts as cups, dance around with flowery leis, and other hawaiian themed supplies. To make your Luau party more Hawaiian is by adding a mix of relaxing beach music like the Beach Boys song "Kokomo."

Isntant Slideshow!

At any party, it is sure you are going to want to use your camera, but even better what if everyone could see the pictures as you take them? Did you know that Eye fi has wireless memory cards for your digital camera, and are able to upload instantly right to your computer after taking them. After making a slideshow of you and your friends memories, you are welcomed to add pictures to it as the party continues. It is much better if you project your computer onto a big wall, or you can hook it up to a television to make a neverending loop of photos, at your fingertips!


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