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Party Invitations – Throwing a Cocktail Party

Updated on July 30, 2013

Ideas for Cocktail party invitations

With vintage styles remaining a huge trend all throughout the past decade, one of the most popular party types that you may want to consider throwing is a cocktail party. This classic soiree has really come into the spotlight, and its enduring popularity may be the fact that it allows a small or large number of guests to mingle in a classy and elegant environment. The cocktail party invitations should reflect this sense of elegance, with a slight nod to throwback kitsch.

When beginning to start the whole party planning process, you should first think about how many guests you would like to entertain. A good rule of thumb for a fabulous cocktail party is to invite some of your most interesting friends, not all of whom may know each other already. Allowing each guest two or three other guests that they have met in the past gives them a sense of security, but then also allows them the opportunity to meet new friends as well. Once you have devised this carefully planned cocktail guest list, you can send out the invitations. It’s recommended to send these out about two weeks in advance, to give enough time for your busy guests to make room in their schedules.

However if you send out the party invitations too far in advance, they may forget. A cocktail party is not the same as a wedding ceremony, for example, and so it will not hold the same stature on their calendar. Although it has become quite popular to send out electronic invitations to events these days, there is nothing like choosing elegant stationery. This also fits with the slightly vintage idea of a cocktail party, so you should choose a decorative print or mod 1960’s patterns that will help set the mood ahead of time and get your guests excited for the upcoming festivities.

There are decorative sets that you could purchase to make the party planning process easier, including matching napkins, coasters, and stemware for the cocktail party. Finding party invitations that match these is a good idea to pull everything together and impress your guests with your event planning savvy. After that, the only thing to think about is what to serve and what to wear. Elegance is always appreciated at a cocktail party, but remember that parties are supposed to be fun, so don’t go too overboard to the point where you will be unable to enjoy yourself and entertain your guests.


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