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Party Themes - Angry Birds

Updated on June 29, 2012

Last week, I wrote an article about party planning because my son will be celebrating his 7th birthday in September and he requested an Angry Bird theme party. Though the party is still three months away, I am already planning ahead to make sure that all guests, kids and adults alike, will have lots of fun. I believe that three months of preparation may be too short, but with proper planning and communication with suppliers, we will be able to give our children a memorable and enjoyable birthday party he will ever have.

Angry Bird Invitation
Angry Bird Invitation | Source


At first, I suggested that we just buy printed invitation cards with Angry Birds design and fill out the blanks with our son's name, the date and time of the party, and our home address. We decided to hold the party here at home since we believe our huge yard can accommodate our guests. However, my husband said he will make the invitations. I thought, why not? He is into graphic design. If he is able to design invitation cards for other people, then he should be able to make one for his son. I did some research for various designs for the invitation cards and we settled on this theme but we still have to tweak it a little.

Birthday Cake

I believe that birthday cake is the center point of the celebration. If you have a theme for the party, it is always recommended that the design of the birthday cake should complement the theme of the party. You can either buy a ready-made cake and design it yourself, bake your own cake, or order from your favorite bakeshop. In our case, I preferred to order from one of my friends who bakes delicious cakes to relieve me of some stress. She does not have a physical store, only an online store where she accepts most of her orders. She already did some Angry Birds cake but I preferred this cake that I found on the internet.

Angry Birds Cake
Angry Birds Cake | Source

Aside from the birthday cake, we will also serve cupcakes with Angry Birds toppers. My son bought a new set of Angry Birds pogs cards and I kept some of them. We will simply stick a toothpick or craft stick at the back of the card and insert it into the frosted cupcakes.


Guests may not "feel" the theme of the party without decorations that will match the theme. I have already ordered a few sets of Angry Birds foil balloons. I also printed small Angry Birds posters that we will use for banners and wall decorations. A DIY nest with plastic eggs will serve as the centerpiece for each table.

Party Supplies

Party hats and name tags are a must on children's party. I have ordered party hats and name tags with Angry Birds prints from a local party supplier. We will also use plates, cups, and napkins with Angry Birds prints for our little guests. I am sure they will love to have their food on them. I also bought a 5-meter cloth with small Angry Birds prints that I will use for tablecloth of the buffet table as well as children's tables.

We also printed coloring pages that they can color to keep the children busy while waiting for the other guests to arrive. I found several free printables online to help me keep my cost down. Kids can also bring some of the sheets in their homes after the party.

Games and Activities

I have been having difficulty looking party games with an Angry Birds theme that I feel kids will enjoy so we will just have the traditional pinata. To add a touch of Angry Bird theme, my husband volunteered to make a Green Pig pinata.

Another game that I have in mind is "Pin the Face on the Angry Bird".The idea of the game is similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey. For this game, we will need a large Angry Bird poster and cut out Red Bird's face. Photocopy it to as many as you can so that each child will have the opportunity to participate in the game. Cut each copy to the shape of Red Bird's face and put a double-sided tape at the back of the face. Paste the Angry Birds poster on the wall and give each child Red Bird's face. Each player will take turn to stick Red Bird's face on the poster while he is blind folded. The player who will be able to stick Red Bird's face nearest the cut space will be the winner.

The third game we have in mind is "Shoot the Green Pig". The kids will be divided into teams. Each team will be provided with a basket with the face of the Green Pig on it. The player on the first row will take a ball and throw it on the basket. Afterwards, he runs to the back of the game as the second player tries to shoot the ball to the basket. Players will do the routine until all the balls are inside the basket or all players are done. The team with the most number of balls on the basket wins the game.

Prizes and Favors

There are a lot of party favors with Angry Birds designs available from various party suppliers. Kids will surely enjoy receiving key chains, candies, stickers, and tattoos as prizes from the games they participated in. The little boys will definitely enjoy bringing home Angry Birds pens and puzzles while the girls will surely love seeing Angry Birds fans and stationery sets in their loot bags. I also ordered personalized tumblers or mugs with our son's picture and a short "Thank you for coming message" printed on them. The tumblers and mugs will be given to adult guests. To save a little on the budget, we are looking into using reusable bags printed with Angry Birds or brown bags designed and sealed with Angry Bird stickers.

Other Party Ideas

Other things that I need to prepare for are the menu and photos. Parties are definitely not complete without food and pictures. I am thinking, though, should I add Angry Birds theme on the food that we will serve? How am I going to do that? I suppose the cupcakes with Angry Birds toppers are enough to go with the theme. We will also serve chicken nuggets, pasta, pizza, and burger.

Every party, or any gathering for that matter, will not be complete without pictures or videos to capture the memories. Some of my blogger-friends volunteered to do the coverage. Two of them offered to shoot photos during the party while the other one will do the video coverage. Another friend who does events photography as a business will give us free shots before the party, his gift to my son.

I guess I have covered everything and am now ready for the party. Do you think I am missing something on my preparations for our Angry Birds theme party? I will highly appreciate it if you will share your insights by posting it in the comment box below.

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