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Party Themes - Broadway

Updated on May 6, 2012

If you dream of your mane in bright lights start here for a marvelous party that will be fun for everyone and fuel your dreams of Tony awards and show tunes.

Recommended for: Ages 13 - 18


Using a picture of the guest of honor create a Playbill cover and have that be the front of the card and on the inside write the party information.


  • Street signs that read “Broadway”, “Times Square”, and “Fifth Ave.”
  • Use black butcher paper to cut out a skyline on New York City and secure it to a wall
  • Musical posters on the walls
  • Dim the lights
  • Invite your guests to dress up as if they were actually going to an evening at the theater
  • Use nice dishes
  • Make place setting cards to look like old time tickets

Games and Activities

Name That Tune

  • Put together a play list of ten to fifteen of your favorite Broadway hits. give each guest a sheet of paper and play each song for five to ten seconds. Stop the music between games and give everyone a minute or two to write down their guess before moving on to the next song. At the end give one point for getting the name of the show the song came from, one for the title of the song and one for the characters that sing the song. The guest with the most points wins.


  • Buy, rent or barrow a karaoke machine and let everyone who wants to take turns singing their favorite show tunes.

What Musical Am I

  • Print out Musical Posters and pin one to each guests back. They can ask other people yes or no questions about their musical and the first person to figure out what musical they are wins.


  • find a bakery that will take a photo and make a copy of it on edible paper and put it on a cake. Then give them a copy of your favorite musical poster or playbill.
  • Serve your favorite fancy dinner as if it is the dinner before your evening at the show.
  • Pop corn in red and white striped bags


  • Plastic Tony Awards
  • Jazz top hats
  • Mini Disco Balls
  • CD with the guest of honors favorite show tunes


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    • Vampsdes profile image

      Vampsdes 5 years ago from Missouri, US

      There are some great ideas in there. I'm not a huge broadway fan but i definitely like the picture on the cake and the mini disco balls idea!