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Party Themes - Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Updated on April 30, 2012

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Ronald Dahl has been a favorite of children for decades, bring that magical world of imagination to life with your child’s birthday party.

Recommended for : Ages 6 - 10


Idea 1

Wonka Bars - remove the paper wrapper from Hershey bars but leave the foil. Make new wrappers that “You’re invited to a Wonka party” on the outside and on the back write the party date, time and location.

Idea 2

Lolly Pops - For each guest get a large disk shaped lolly pop and cut out a circle of card stock to attach to the wrapper. On the card stock write the party information.


  • Attach colorful paper plates to paint stirrers and line the walk way with “lolly pops”
  • Fill balloons with helium but don’t tie string to them. Instead wrap cellophane around them to look like hard candies and let them hover on the ceiling
  • Use a chocolate fountain as a center piece
  • Put up a fake christmas tree and hang jumbo gummy bears, candy canes and candy jewelry from it.
  • Decorate with any candy themed christmas decorations you have or can borrow

Games and Activities

Verruca Salt (Bad Egg)

  • Blow up a gold ballon until it is roughly the shape of an egg. Have the children sit in a circle and pass the egg as the music plays (Willy Wonka sound track would be nice) when the music stops the child holding the egg is the “bad egg” and is out. The game continues until one child is left and they are the winner.

Augustus Gloop (Eating Contest)

  • Augustus got in to trouble because of his love of food, so in honor of him have a donut eating contest. Have a grown up hold a broom handle up in the air with donuts hanging on it from a string, without using their hands the kids have to eat their donut as fast as they can, the first child to finish their donut wins.

Violet Beauregarde (Bubble Gum)

  • The child that can blow the biggest bubble wins

Likable Wallpaper

  • Tape a strip of candy dots on the wall for each child and label it so they know what one is theirs. Make sure they know to keep their tongue on their paper and only their paper.


  • TV Dinners (Mike Teavee)
  • Fizzy lifting drink - Sparkling water or Sprite
  • A sheet cake frosted to look like a wonka bar

Prizes and Favors


  • let the children pick a few things off of the candy tree
  • tooth brushes (because they will be eating a lot of candy and because Charlie's dad worked in a toothpaste cap factory)


  • A copy of the book or the movie


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