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Party Themes - Eco Friendly

Updated on March 28, 2012


Ages 7-11

Do you have a little environmentalist on your hands? Why not celebrate that with an Earth Day inspired birthday party?


Idea 1- Print the party information on recycled paper and staple a pack of seeds to each invite before mailing them

Idea 2- Reduce the use of paper by sending out an E-vite


  • have the guests wear green
  • if possible have the party outdoors or have potted plants throughout the room
  • use organic material like cotton or burlap as table clothes
  • don’t use paper plates and plastic utensils, rather use dat to day dishes that can be washed and reused
  • skip the balloons and streamers

Games and Activities

Compost, Recycle, Trash

  • in the center of a large area place an assortment of (clean) things that are often thrown away but could be composted or recycled instead. Label three laundry baskets with Trash, Recycle, and Compost then have the kids work together and race the clock to sort the pile into the three baskets
  • Trash Ideas (Styrofoam, foil, light bulbs (careful that it wont break in the rush of the game), egg cartons)
  • Recycle Ideas (newspaper, cardboard boxes, soda bottles, tin cans)
  • Compost Ideas (use toy fruits and vegetables)

Recycle Robot

  • For a few weeks before the party save things like cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls and tin cans. During the party let the kids use the recyclables and masking tape to build a robot that for the birthday child to keep


  • Find an easy home made play dough recipe to make at the party and it can all so be a favor for the children to take home with them

Blast From the Past

  • In the days before PSP’s and even before plastic kids didn’t need things to entertain them, just good friends. Dust off some age old games for your eco friendly party and have a good old-fashioned fun time with “red light, green light”, “mother may I?” and “red rover”


  • Bake the birthday cake from scratch with your child
  • Take a trip to the local farmers market before the party to find your child’s seasonal favorites
  • Buy organic fruits, and nuts for appetizers


  • wooden and mettle toys such as tops and whistles
  • packets of seeds
  • small terra-cotta pots that can be painted at the party as an activity if there is time


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