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Party Themes - Eloise at the Plaza

Updated on March 30, 2012

Recommended for: Ages 4 - 8

Eloise LOVES, LOVES, LOVES birthdays. For a “Rawther” delightful party think pink, think fun, think Eloise. If your little girl is a fan of the little girl who lives in the plaza hotel bring the plaza to you with these fun party tips.


Idea 1 - Scan the cover of the book into your computer and then use a program such as photo shop to remove the title and replace it with “You’re invited to a Rawther special birth day party for (child’s name)” print it on to cards and on the inside write all of your party information.

Idea 2 - Make a cartoon strip of pictures of your child dressed in traditional Eloise clothes of a black skirt and suspenders with a white shirt. Then caption each photo. #1 “It’s me (child's name)” #2 “Im turning (child’s age)” #3 “you’re invited to my birthday” Then under the cartoon strip or on the back write the party details such as the when and where.


  • The books are all illustrated in black, white and pink so where ever that can be brought in is good. table cloths, napkins, streamers, etc.
  • Pink polka-dot balloons
  • Pink daises in black and white striped pots
  • Cut out a skyline of New York city on a roll of black butcher paper and fix it to the walls
  • Leaves pink and black boas around the room, they might start out decorating the space but it wont be long before they are decorating your little guests.

Games and Activities

Nanny May I?

  • Nanny says that being board isn’t aloud and with this game that wont happen. Have the children play a few rounds of mother may I but instead of mother it’s Nanny. Make sure every child who wants a turn being nanny gets the chance.

Hotel Registration

  • When guests arrive have them check in at the registration desk. Find a dad or big brother to be the concierge who welcomes guests, has them sign the guest list and checks them on to the party with a hotel welcome basket (see favors) they can also collect the gifts that guests bring.

Spa Day

  • If you have either patient guests or grown up helpers have a manicure station. Offer a wide selection of pink nail polishes and have the girls all get their nails done.


  • Create a silhouette of each child by having them sit in front of a large white sheet of paper with a light shining in it. The light will cast their shadow on the paper which you can then trace. then cut out the shape and use the white paper as a template to then cut out their silhouette on black paper. Glue the black paper to a piece of pink paper for a fun favor for the girls to take home.


  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Watermelon
  • Chicken Fingers
  • Cake Pops
  • Pretzels covered in white chocolate and pink sprinkles
  • Pink Lemonade


  • Hotel welcome baskets (pink bar of soap, black and white slippers, “hotel keys” made of laminated card stock, pink Chapstick, bottle of water with the lable replaces with pink paper and a picture of Eloise, pink jelly beans)


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    • inevitablesecrets profile image

      inevitablesecrets 5 years ago from California

      Thanks so much

    • thebookmom profile image

      thebookmom 5 years ago from Nebraska

      We love Eloise! Your ideas are really fun and well presented :) Welcome to hub pages.