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Party Themes - Explorers

Updated on May 2, 2012

Christopher Columbus, Lewis and Clark, Fredanand Magellan, These explorers as well as many more don’t only exist in history books but also in the minds and imaginations of adventurous children. This party theme will bring the adventures of exploration to life and turn you child and their friends into explorers in their own right.

Recommended for ages: 7 - 12


Idea #1 - Use a brochure templet on the computer to make templets for an “explorer training camp” with all of the party info inside

Idea #2 - On old looking paper draw a map of your neighborhood with a big red X marking the spot of the party and on the back or in the Key put the party information.

Idea #3 - If online invites are more your style write a script for your child designed as a distress call asking guests to come rescue the lost explorer. Record the sound bite and e-mail it to your guests along with a message with the date, time and location of the party.


  • Set up bank cardboard boxes tied with twine in the corner of the room to look like cargo. You could also have each one labeled with the name of a guest and keep their favors inside
  • Use a large brown or army green blanket to set up a fort or tent. This makes for a cool decoration and a fun place to play or sleep if you are having a slumber party.
  • As a centerpiece put a few tools that an explorer would need such as a hat, compass, and canteen.

Games and Activities

Lost Treasure

  • El Dorado, a city of gold, has had explorers intrigued for centuries. Tell your little explorers a little about this city and the explorers who have gone before them in searching for it such as Sir Walter Raleigh. Then let them set out on their quest to find their own gold. Provide a trail of clues until they find the treasure (Treasure = chocolate coins, plastic jewels, gold costume jewelry)

Adventure Training

  • An explorer needs to have some very important skills to have your guests spend some time working on those skills.
  • Work as a group to set up a tent
  • Practice Exploration by doing a survey of the insects in the yard
  • Learn a few important phases in different languages (i.e. where’s the bathroom?)

Photo Scavenger Hunt

  • Make a list of things to find in the yard or house, depending on how hard each thing is to find they should be given a point value between 1-3. Break the children into as many groups as you have digital cameras for. Give them a time limit to find the items and take the pictures. The team that has the most points at the end based on the things they took pictures of wins.

Target Practice

  • In a safe open area set up a traget and let the children take turns with a rubber band rifle.


  • Shish kabobs Let the children pick and choose what they want on their skewers from a selection of meats and vegetables. After each child has fixed what they want have an adult barbecue them.
  • Decorate a circular cake to look like a compass


Explorers Tool Kit

-disposable camera (to record findings)

-hat (to protect you from the sun)

-spiral notebook (to keep notes of exploration)

-compass (to find your way)

-rations (chocolate bar and a water bottle)

-telescope (for sighting things from far away)

-small first aid kit (exploring is a dangerous job)

-butterfly nets (for collecting samples)


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