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Party Themes - Flower Fairies

Updated on May 1, 2012

Recommended for Ages: 4-10

Fairies are a popular subject with little girls and when throwing a fairy themed party there are many directions to go but the most popular seems to be Disney’s Tinkerbell and her friends but I’m going to look at a lesser known but still popular sort of fairy. This party theme is centered around the Flower Fairies. The Flower Fairies originated as a series of books of poems in the early part of the 20th century. Each fairy had their own poem and a beautiful illustration to go along with it and generations of children poured over the books. These fairies have had a resurgence of popularity in recent years with the publishing of the interactive book Fairyopolis based around these fairies. The flower fairies are just the jumping off point for a magical and oh so girly birthday party.


Idea 1 - On tan stationary with a rose border that looks old fashioned print out the party information or if you are confident in your calligraphy skills write it out. Tuck the stationary in tan envelopes along with translucent glitter (fairy dust) and seal with a wax stamp.

Idea 2 - Create a Fairy catching kit for each child you are inviting. Punch holes in the lid of a mason jar and place a few bay leaves inside. On a sheet of paper write out the party information on one side and rule for catching a fairy on the other. Rules such as “The first rule is that it must be a very hot day - that we may consider as settled: and you must be just a little sleepy - but not to sleepy to keep your eyes open, mind. Well, and you ought to feel a little - what one may call ‘fairish’...” -Lewis Carroll. Put the paper in an envelope and tape to the outside of the jar.


If possible this party is best held outside, in a backyard full of flowers or in the rose garden at a park.

If indoors be sure to have flowers (real or fake) everywhere. (that’s where the fairies hide you know.)

Either buy or print out card stock images of some of your child’s most favorite flower fairies and tuck them in amongst the flowers or handing from the celling as if in flight.

Decorate the table for an old fashioned tae with a nice lace table cloth and a bouquet of wild flowers.

For dishes there are Flower Fairy themed paper plates but using a tea set would be lovely as well.

Games and Activities

Fairy Houses

Collect enough empty 1 pint cartons (milk, half and half, and orange juice all come in this size) for each child to have one. give them scissors, sharpies, glue and construction paper. With a lot of help and supervision so they don’t get cut or get permanent marker on their clothes help them each create their own fairy house that they can take home and play with in their backyard or garden.

Flower Find (for children who can read and write)

Around the party space hide different sorts of flowers with their scientific name on a tag on the stem. Give each child a sheet of paper with the picture of the flowers and the common name. For instance the sheet of paper might have a picture of a tulip with the word tulip on it but when they find the tulip it will have a tag that reads Tulipa gesneriana. They need to fill out the blank for the scientific name and move onto the next flower. The first child to find all of the flowers and fill in the blanks wins.

Fairy Tales

Have each child draw their own fairy and then either write a short poem or story about it or tell an adult the story as the grown up writes it down if the child can’t write yet. Then bind all of the stories together for the birthday child to have as a memory of their party.


  • tea sandwiches
  • scones with blackberry jam
  • pink lemonade
  • petite fours


  • Painting kits - In the Fairyopolis book it was important for the author to paint the fairies she saw so a favor of a set of water colors and some water color paper is a perfect favor.
  • Seed packets for flowers and gardening tools such as a trowel or a watering can


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