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Party Themes - Little House on the Prairie

Updated on May 5, 2012

For generations the world of Laura and her sisters has captured the hearts and imaginations of little girls and has even resulted in a television series. Bring the prairie life into your own home with this fun, simple and creative birthday theme.

Recommended for ages: 6-10


Idea #1 - If your guest list is short, or if you really like to sew, make a bonnet for each child in an old fashioned floral fabric. Otherwise purchase the bonnets. Send them with a note attached with the party information to your guests ahead of time.

Idea #2 - Tie a few peppermint sticks together with a card taped to it with the party information.


  • Many cities have one room school houses that are now museums or field trip destinations. Look into renting one of these for your party if possible.
  • Invite your guests to dress up in period clothing
  • Prop a washing board against the wall
  • A wheelbarrow to put the gifts into
  • Old fashionded quilts covering the furnature
  • Gingham tablecloths

Games and Activities

Quilting Bee

  • Give each child a 5” square piece if fabric and fabric markers. Have them either draw a picture for the birthday girl or write a happy birthday message. Then after the party you can sew the pieces together to make a special blanket for the birthday child to remember the special event.


  • Fill a large bucket with soapy water and let the kids take turns with a washing board

The School Yard

  • Teach the kids olden days games such as marbles, jacks, and jump rope.

Button Toy

  • With a large button and some thread the children can make a fun old fashioned toy. (the video below shows how)


  • Popcorn (make it on the stove with a glass lid and let the kids watch it pop)
  • Cold cuts
  • Corn bread and chili
  • Biscuits (have the kids help make them from scratch)
  • Fried Chicken
  • Rootbear in glass bottles
  • On a sheet cake covered in green frosting to look like grass use lincolin logs to build a cabin.


  • Small slates and chalk
  • Bonnets
  • Cookbooks with food from the Little House books
  • Rag Dolls
  • Old Fashioned hard candy
  • Marbles
  • Jacks


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