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Party Themes - Nancy Drew

Updated on May 1, 2012

Recommended for Ages: 8 - 12

Nancy Drew the girl detective has been a big part of girls lives for almost half a century inspiring countless books, a number of films and even spin off series such as Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew for younger readers with Nancy as a child so why not also have Nancy be the them for your next party.


Idea 1 - Find Nancy Books at a used book shop or thrift store and send a book to each guest with a bookmark inside with all of the party information.

Idea 2 - It seems that Nancy is always in need of a flashlight. At the dollar store pick up enough small flashlights for each guest. Attach a tag with the party information to each flashlight and hand those out to your guests.

Tip: Use a vintage typewriter font on the invitations


  • Nancy Drew books are bound in a bright blue and yellow. Carry these colors throughout the room with streamers, paper plates and balloons
  • Nany Drew originated in a simple time of the 1930’s. Let your decorations reflect that by keeping it simple and using regular dishes and a table cloth.

Games and Activities

Secret Books

  • At a craft store such as Michaels pick up boxes that are shaped to look like books. Provide the children with construction paper, ribbon, markers, and paint so that they can decorate their box. When it is finished and dry they can take it home and put it on their book shelf as a secret hiding place for something special to them It is a lot like something Nancy would find in one of her books.

Mystery of the Birthday Bandit

  • Tell the children that the birthday cake has been stolen and it’s up to them to make like Nancy and find it so that the birthday party isn’t ruined. Provide them with the first clue and set them on their hunt until they find the cake along with the “birthday bandit” (Dad’s and grandpa’s make great cake thieves) Clues can be pictures, riddles or anything else you can think of but don’t make it to easy and try to have at least five clues or they will solve it too quickly.

Secret Message

  • Give each child two blank cardboard puzzles and some markers. On one have them write a secret birthday massage to the birthday child and on the other have them draw whatever they want. When they are finished break the puzzles apart and put the pieces in plastic sandwich bags or envelopes. Put the ones for the birthday child aside for later, after the party they can put the puzzles together to decipher the messages their friends left and the other puzzles the children can take home for themselves.


  • Play Charades using the titles of Nancy Drew books.


  • There isn’t really any food that sticks out as Nancy food so this party is the perfect them for you and your child to come up with an easy and tasty meal that they will like or an alternative to that is to have them find mentions of food in the novels that they would like to try to serve that.


  • Magnifying Glasses
  • Bobby Pins (for picking locks of course)
  • Nancy Drew Books
  • Detective Badges
  • Nancy Drew Paper Dolls
  • Notebooks for Clues


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    • inevitablesecrets profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from California

      I found the images I used on google images. I would check there first and if that docent work then I would suggest the nancy drew official website, etsy, or a stock photo site.

    • profile image

      Elisa Castaneda 

      6 years ago

      Where can I purchase a high resolution jpg of the silhouette of Nancy Dew on this page for a Toastmaster program.

      Elisa Castañeda


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