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Party Themes - Peter Rabbit

Updated on May 1, 2012

Recommended for: First Birthday

For over a century the little rabbit known as Peter has been stealing the hearts of children and their grown-ups. The Pater wiggle his way under the fence and into your child’s imagination with this first birthday inspired by one very cute and mischievous bunny.


Idea #1 - Print coloring pages from the Peter Rabbit website onto cards. On the inside write the party information. Be sure to include a few crayons with the invitation

Idea #2 - Dress your baby up in a rabbit outfit complete with little blue jacket. Print this photo on a post card and write the party information on the back.


  • White table cloth’s with a Peter Rabbit stuffed animal as the center piece
  • Pale blue and white balloons and streamers
  • Watering cans and rainbows filled with flowers

Games and Activities

Many games and activities are beyond that of a child turning one but chances are some of your guests will be children of friends and relatives that are older so here are a few ideas of ways to keep them occupied during the party.

Garden Sneak

  • Have the children line up on one side of the yard or room. Stand on the other side with your back to them. Their job is to quietly sneak past you and reach the fence or wall first. Let them sneak but every once in a while turn around fast and try to catch them moving. When you turn they have to freeze. If you see them move they are out. The first child to the other side of the room or not caught wins. With older kids let them take turns being Mr. McGregor trying to catch the rabbits.

Vegetable Relay

  • Divide the children into two groups. On one side of the yard have two piles of 8-10 pieces of toy vegetables for each team. They must relay race to the other side of the yard one with only one child from each team going at a time to collect all of their vegetables. The first team to get all of their toy food wins.


  • Salad (with vegetables mentioned in the book)
  • Sugar cookies in the shape of a rabbit
  • Vegetable tray with peas in the pod still and carrot sticks
  • Barbecue (meat of your choice, just not rabbit because that might be a little depressing)
  • Lemonade
  • Berry Pie
  • Dirt Cake (chocolate cake with crushed Oreos on top to look like dirt. Then you can decorate the top with vegetable shaped candy)
  • Fill a wheelbarrow with ice to keep drinks cool


  • Seed packets
  • Copy of the book (for child guests)
  • Gardening tools/ rakes and trowels (for grown-up guests)
  • Bunny or carrot themed candy (most easily found at Easter time)


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