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Party Themes - Rock Star

Updated on May 1, 2012
Guitar Cake
Guitar Cake | Source

Recommended for Ages: 8 - 12

Every kids wants to be a rock star so for one day they can be one with this fun and exciting birthday party theme.


Idea #1 - Make laminated back stage passes with the date and time of the party and the concert venue (the party location) and the artist performing (the birthday child)

Idea #2 - Burn CD’s with 5 or 6 of your child’s favorite songs on it and design labels for the CD’s with your child's photo on it. Make a booklet to go in the front of the CD case with the track list and the party information


  • Balloons and streamers in black and your child's favorite color
  • Make a “stage” in one part of the room and hang a curtain in front of it.
  • Hang music notes and cutouts of records from the celling
  • Use photos of your child dressed up like a rockstar and print concert posters at Kinkos and put them up around the room

Games and Activities

Rock Star Makeover

  • Have makeover to look like rock stars. Let the children do their makeup as wild and crazy as they want and provide them with temporary tattoos and colored hairspray that will come out in the shower.


  • Either buy, borrow or rent a karaoke machine or get a karaoke game for a game console such at the Wii and let the kids channel their inner rockstar. (set it up on your “stage”)


Kid’s don’t go to see bands in bars but if they did they would sure love the food so use that as inspiration for the snacks you serve. Some Ideas are mozzarella sticks, chicken wings or strips, deep fried zucchini and anything else deep fried.


  • guitar picks
  • autographed concert posters (take a picture of the guest with the birthday child and during the party recruit someone to print the pictures out and have the birthday child autograph them before the guests leave.
  • Inflatable guitars or microphones
  • Pop Rocks
  • Temporary Tattoos


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    • profile image

      kelleyward 5 years ago

      What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. Take care, Kelley