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Party Themes - The Secret Garden

Updated on April 30, 2012

Recommended for: Ages 6 - 10

Did your child read and fall in love with The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Burnett? If they did or if they have a passion for gardens, flowers or magic they will love this theme party.


  • Make old fashioned looking invites by aging paper with watered down coffee, and burning around the edges. Write all of the information on the paper in ink (use calligraphy if you know how) roll up the paper and tie with a ribbon before giving the invitations to guests.
  • Make a seed packet with a title on the front like ‘Seeds for Celebrating’. On the back write the instructions for planting which will obviously include where (the party address), when (the party time), and any other details that might be necessary. Fill the seed packet with glitter for extra magic.


  • Plants! Whether indoors or out make sure that you have many many plants decorating the space.
  • Hang nylon butterflies from the ceiling
  • Garden Furniture, If the party is inside remove the regular furniture and bring in benches and tables that belong in the garden. Some places will rent plastic ones that resemble wicker or wrought iron.
  • Hang a sheet of fake ivy across the doorway to the party so guests must enter the same way Mary found the garden.

Games and Activities

Dickon's Animals

  • In the book Dickon always had some sort of animal with him. If you know anyone with bunnies or other baby farm animals ask if they would be willing to bring them for the children to see. They could also teach the children a little abut how to care for the animals that they bring.


  • Give each child a mason jar and a selection of little pieces of tissue paper. have them decoupage their jars and when they are finished place a tea candle inside (be sure that they know not to light the candle without a parents permission)

Scavenger Hunt

  • Have a scavenger hunt with a secret garden theme. Ideas for the list: (rose petal, ribbon, toy bird, piece of twine, plastic fairy, old key, pack of seeds, watering can, trowel)

Dress Up

  • From your own closet and the parents of your little guests collect a selection of old fashioned clothes for the children to dress up in. Thrift Stores and the Goodwill may be a good place to find things as well. The book was published in 1910 so the more dated the cloths the better. Things to include: (Old suit jackets, floral skirts, costume jewelry)


  • Serve lemonade from a NEW watering can
  • Have traditional tea party fare (little sandwiches and scones)


  • Fill terra-cotta pots with the favors on leu of loot bags
  • Bulbs or Seeds
  • Gardening gloves
  • Plastic Bugs
  • Old looking keys


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